Aline Zattar, señorita Plus: "No tengo silicona '

Se encuentra en medio de una controvercia sobre si se hizo o no cirugia plastica alguna de su cintura, Zattar Aline, 29, presento una cintura  pequeña cintura en la Semana de la Moda de mujeres de tamaño grande. Acusada de haberse sometido a una lipo hecho para parecer más delgada en el evento, dijo que sus medidas son el resultado de cantidad inumerable de entrenamiento, e incluso aumentó sus medidas con respecto a la vez que participó en el tamaño de la señorita Plus .

Aline Zattar, señorita Plus: "No tengo silicona '
"Estoy 209 libras, con 5 pies 6 pulgadas de altura, que no cambia (risas), cintura de los 35, el 43 pulgadas de busto y 50 pulgadas de cadera. Antes, era el 42 busto y cadera 48 Pero antes de decir,que tengo silicona por una cirugia plástica Sólo después de que tuve a mis hijos, dos lactancia materna no es fácil ", que incluso se ha dedicado a hacer ejercicio para mantenerse en forma para modelar en las pasarelas.

Kim Kardashian slims down four pounds in 20 days

As always, Kim Kardashian is concerned to maintain good shape. The socialite managed to lose four pounds in 20 days. In a conversation with! "E News", Kim talked about the diet: "Yes, I lost weight I lost about four pounds when tuitei about it (needed to lose weight), was the beginning of that day I started the diet I started eating low-carb.... . I feel good, I am the way I want to be. "

Kardashian showed leaner body on the red carpet VMA 2014, on the night of Sunday, 24.

In early August, the socialite said on Twitter that wanted to lose weight.

 "Can not seem to eliminate those last few pounds I gained from pregnancy. No more excuses, my baby already has a year! Will not say it's the baby weight because it's an excuse. I only gained weight, is this, and is much more difficult to lose after the baby is born! "she said. Gotta get back to my weight a few years ago. I will not complain anymore. Starting diet today! Carb free. Crazy exercises. Who's with me? (...) Wish me luck in the diet. It is soooo hard for me! "She declared at the time.

Here the before and after weight lost

Shakira: "Yes, I'm pregnant"

For months, rumors of a second pregnancy surround Colombian Singer Shakira and her partner, Spanish footballer Gerard Pique.

But the singer confirmed the suspicion to the Mexican edition of Cosmopolitan magazine in a recent interview her. The publication will go on sale 1st. September.

"Yes, the truth Is that yes, I'm pregnant," said the artist, as a preview of the interview That Promotes the publication.

Rumors started in mid-July due to the limited and modest outfit That Performed the artist dances while Participating in the closing of the World Cup in Brazil.

A few weeks ago, I seen Could Be His bulging belly over, When the performer and Pique made ​​the challenge of "Ice Bucket Challenge".

At the time, Shakira wore denim shorts with a loose black shirt.
Shakira: "Yes, I'm pregnant"

Your new child will as brother to Milan, His eldest son, born in January 2013.

Nick Cannon left Mariah Carey considering it "toxic"

Follow the dilemma between diva Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon the entertainer, whose separation still surprised many fans.

Now transcends the comedian was who had left the singer explained TMZ.

The mood of the artist led him to boredom, as reported. But is not there. Published information indicates that the presenter would have taken the decision considering that Mariah Carey is "toxic" as a result of their environment.

It was also noted that the people around the singer of hits like "Love Takes Time", "Can not Let Go" and "Heartbreaker" she only wants to generate money, revealed a source close to the family.
Nick Cannon Mariah Carey left considering it "toxic"

However, despite the problem, Nick Cannon would be taking a "passive role" in the divorce for the welfare of the two children he fathered with vocalist. In fact, the problem between the two have reached the point at which children began to suffer emotionally.

Joan Rivers stops breathing in the middle of surgery

American comedian famous for its black humor, Joan Rivers, confronted breathing problems during surgery, TMZ reported.

A call to 911 spoke of a patient in cardiac or respiratory arrest.

Rivers was in the middle of throat surgery, specifically on his vocal cords, when he had to be taken to an emergency room.

According to TMZ sources, Rivers, 81 years old, was taken to Mount Sinai Hospital in New York.

Rivers, a pioneer among comedians on American television, the program encourages current fashion Fashion Police on E! Channel.
Joan Rivers stops breathing in the middle of surgery

In recent weeks Rivers has been involved in the promotion of his latest book, "Diary of a Mad Diva". Among his interests was the evening program "Late Night with Seth Meyers."

Sarah Silverman Trae a los Premios Emmy ‘liquid pot'

La comediante y actriz de "Masters of Sex" revelo durante una entrevista con E! News "clutch cam" red carpet  que trajo su celular, algunas goma de mascar y algo de marijuana.

Silverman, 43, explico a presentadora de E!', Giuliana Rancic que su boligrafo vaporizador pen tenia "liquid pot." La droga es legal en California, claramente, para que los que tienen una prescripcion medica .

Asi lo confeso la actriz y cito:
"Este es mi pot," levantando el envase. "Esto es lo que realmente se debe usar."

La actriz asistio al evento de los Emmy award este pasado Lunes para recibir su segundo trofeo, por el especial de variedad de HBO  "Sarah Silverman: We Are Miracles."

Sarah Silverman Trae a los Premios Emmy ‘liquid pot'Muchos de los asistentes y televidentes especulaban que esta ya venia un poco tocado por el pot antes y durante el show — pues cuando iba a recibir su premio como que casi se cae , y dejo los zapatos en su asiento.

Bueno aqui el video de la entrevista de  Silverman en los Premios Emmy

IRS demanda por $370,000 a actriz Vanessa Williams

El Internal Revenue Service ha demandado a la actriz y reina de belleza americana Vanessa Williams para que pague cerca de $370,000 en impuestos no pagados,segun informara el The Smoking Gun .

Segun el portal de informacion este mes salio el pedido por parte del IRS  por una falta en reportar ingresos en la Planilla del  2011. La entidad gubernamental esta pidiendo una tajada de $369,249.89 de la artista .
Williams vive en Chappaqua, N.Y., pero sus planillas de IRS fueron llenadas por su firma de contabilidad con direccion en Manhattan.
Williams fue la primera mujer Africo-Americana en ganar la corona de Miss America .
 IRS demanda por $370,000 a actriz Vanessa Williams

Desde que ganara dicho titulo en el 1984 , y el escandalo de su renuncia a la misma, ha trabajado como actriz, ganando varias nominaciones al Emmy por su trabajo en el sitcom "Ugly Betty." Esta ademas tiene 8 albums a su haber que le han valido  11  nominaciones al Grammy .

Soon we can charge the phone with the sound of our voice

Soon we can charge the phone with the sound of our voice
That's the innovative idea behind a recent collaboration between scientists from Queen Mary University of London and  Nokia. The team is working to develop a technology that could recharge the battery of a smartphone by human, music or even background noise voice.

"Being able to mobile devices longer work with shippers or end forever lost energy advantage that is around us is an exciting concept," said researcher Joe Briscoe in a statement released by The Huffington Post.

However, Briscoe admits that sound vibrations can not produce enough energy to break load current methods. "It could be part of the future, but probably not enough energy in the sound to remove the conventional charger," said the expert site Mashable.

The first record of a phone loaded with the user's voice was unveiled in 2011 by a team of Korean researchers. However, now that engineers have been associated with a technology company, it seems much more likely that a potential charger sound may soon be a reality.

SLMMSK an app for those who are fed up with selfies

The fashion for selfies has millions of people every day taking self-portraits anywhere where they are. But if you are someone who is tired of this trend in social networks, there is a solution.

The SLMMSK application, created by Russian developer studio glitche Limited, is defined as the antiselfie.

With the program you can make snapshots with your smartphone but if the component is a self-portraits then modify the application offers several filters and effects photography, Instagram style.

As expected, the app also lets you share your new images in social networks to show to your contacts and followers how much you hate this type annoying self-portraits.
Whether it is freely available, allowing test it for free. Click here for iOS. Coming Soon to Android.

The unexpected negative of Pamela Anderson to a global cause

While there are already several celebrities who accepted the challenge of the Ice Bucket Challenge, which is thrown over a bucket of ice water to raise awareness of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS in English), Pamela Anderson not accepted the proposal for dipping her statuesque body.

In a posting published on her Facebook account on 20 August, the 47 year old Canadian artist said she would "challenge ALS to stop animal testing."

Blonde further explained that animal experiments to find a cure for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (also known as Lou Gehrig's disease) in humans have been unsuccessful, and encouraged her fans to "support donations to charities that never damage animals, and to devote their time and resources in advanced and promising human cures. "

Anderson is a famous activist for animal rights, and in 2010 was named Person of the Year by the organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA for its acronym in English).

Although the campaign to fight the disease received tremendous support from Hollywood, Anderson was not the only celebrity to show up publicly against the fashion trend, as reported by The Huffington Post.

His American colleague Zachary Quinto also opted out of the challenge, and justified his decision by stating that "the drought in California and developing countries are in desperate need of clean water."
The unexpected negative of Pamela Anderson to a global cause

Until Thursday 21 August, the ALS Association had received $ 41.8 million in donations, as claimed in its official website.

Sexy silver dress of Jlo and Amber Rose on MTV music awards

Jennifer Lopez is famous, mother of the family and owner of a perfect body. With 45 years of age, she showed her leg healed on the red carpet of the VMA, MTV music awards. To attend the event, which takes place this Sunday, April 24, in Los Angeles, J. Lo bet on a long dress in silver and filled with sexy cutouts color. Spotted waist became evident.

Amber Rose is even an exotic figure. The singer, who is married to rapper Wiz Khalifa, bet on exotic and daring outfit to scratch the red carpet at the 2014 VMAs, MTV music awards on Sunday, 24, in California. The look made ​​her entire body in evidence. No lining, the silver dress up wearing a costume reminded by Brazilian samba school dancers.

Sexy silver dress of Jlo and Amber Rose on MTV music awards

Well the sassy girl!

Jennifer Lopez Confiesa que volvera a casarse

La superestrella del pop Jennifer Lopez aparecio de invitada en el show de su amiga  Chelsea Handler's talk show el pasado Jueves, y hablo de sus romances pasados y futuro.

 Cuando la conductora del show le pregunto sobre sus planes futuros en cuanto al romance y amor esta no titubeo en decir, "I would get married again."  o sea se nos volvera a casar.

"Me encanta estar en una relacion, me gusta," añadio la tambien actriz de 45años de edad. "No soy una loca que esta durmiendo por donde quiera, eso no soy yo," mientras sonrie.

"Esto es TV tarde en la noche, es okay!" dijo seguido la audiencia inrrumpio a carcajadas. "Tu has maldecido como  20 f---- veces ya," esta le dijo a  Handler.

Luego hablaron sobre el sencillo  "Booty" y de su nueva pelicula "The Boy Next Door," la cual trata de un romance con un hombre menor que ella. El tema le sirvio a Handler para hablar de la preferencia de Lopez por hombres menores que ella como el mas reciente Casper Smart de, 27.

"Algunas ves te han gustado hombres mayores?"pregunto Handler.
Respondio Jennifer Lopez:"Bueno por lo general salgo con los de mi edad, pero sali con uno mas joven,"añadio. "Salia con Beau, que fue mi mas reciente relacion.

2 niños han muerto usando Ace Bayou bean bag

2 niños han muerto usando Ace Bayou bean bagLos asientos como Ace Bayou bean bag estan siendo recogidos despues que la compañia que los hace dijera que 2 niños han muerto dentro de estos asientos comodos. Un chico de 13años del estado deTexas y una niña de 3 en Kentucky se sospecha que abrieron el zipper de la silla y se metieron dentro de la misma, donde fueron hallados sofocados segun informara, Reuters.

Tambien cabe la posibilidad que los niños se ahogen con el foam que hay dentro de los mismos, dijo la compañia. Hasta Julio del año pasado , las sillas se vendian por $100 en tiendas como Walmart, Wayfair,, y otros revendedores, de acuerdo a las Noticias de CBS . La compañia esta ofresiendo a sus clientes  un kt gratis para clausurar el zipper de la misma para siempre.

Nick Cannon Confirmo Separacion de Mariah Carey

Nick Cannon Confirmo Separacion de Mariah CareyLos rumores sson unaa verdad: Nick Cannon le comento al The Insider With Yahoo hace varios dias que el y su esposa Mariah Carey "han estado vivieno en casas separadas hace ya varios meses. ... Hay problemas en el paraiso."

No dio mas detalles, que no fuera aclarar que el no ha sido infiel a la cantante. "Mi meta principal son mis niños," refiriendose a la pareja de gemelos de 3años de edad.

Por parte de Carey, su publicista declino comentar. TMZ informo que, como parte del acuerdo de confidencialidad relacionado a su inminente divorcio, a Cannon no le esta permitido decir nada sobre la separacion  a menos que quiera ser penalizado financieramente—pero si se le permite decir que estos viven por separado.

Hallan en apartamento en Queens 50 mil abejas

Segun se informara en el portal llamado Newser una mujer de la ciudad de New York City tenia un compañero inesperado viviendo en su apartamento ,nada mas y nada menos que 50,000 abejas.

Hallan en apartamento en Queens 50 mil abejas Segun informara la cadena WABC-TV los beekeepers removieron el panal del techo de la sra. Frieda Turkmenilli esta semana despues que los vecinos de Queens se quejaran con el gerente del edificio de la gran catidad de abejas que volaban en sus alrededores.

Turkmenilli por su parte dijo que si habia visto una que otra abeja pero que no sabia la cantidad. Las abejas y los 17 panales que estas construyeron fueron llevadas a una finca al norte de ese estado.

Actriz de Walking Dead sentenciada a 18 años de prision

Shannon Richardson, la actriz de 36 años del estado de Texas, acaba de recibir la sentencia maxima de 18años en prision en un acuerdo en corte por un cargo de poseer y producir una toxina biologica. Tambien se le ordeno pagar $367,000 en restitucion.

La cadena de noticias,CBS News informo que  Richardson, quien tuvo papeles menores en la serie televisiva‘The Walking Dead’ y en la pelicula de Sandra Bullock , ‘The Blind Side,’ fue arrestada el pasado mes de Junio por enviar cartas con la toxina mortal  'ricin' al  Presidente Obama y al ex gobernador de Ciudad de New York City, Michael Bloomberg. Richardson se declaro culpable el pasado Diciembre.

“Mi intencion no fue herir a nadie,” esta declaro en la corte. “No soy una mala persona. No nace en mi herir a nadie.”

Actriz de Walking Dead sentenciada a 18 años de prision
Richardson alegadamente envio las cartas y luego fue a la policia diciendo que su ex-marido Nathan Richardson era el responsable, de enviarlas cartas. Sin embargo las inconsistencias de su relato, y una investigacion de sus compras en internet,conducieron al arresto de Richardson.

La investigacion revelo que esta habia comprado los materiales requeridos para hacer la toxina ricin,en linea.
Mas tarde ella confeso haberle mentido a las autoridades sobre la participacion de su ex-marido.