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Super Debra Paget Biography Facts

Debra Paget born August 19, 1933 is an American actress and entertainer who rose to prominence in the 1950s and early 1960s in a variety of feature films, including 20th Century Fox's epic Demetrius and the Gladiators, starring Victor Mature, Jay Robinson and Susan Hayward, a sequel to The Robe. She also appeared in Love Me Tender, the film début of Elvis Presley.

Debra Paget Birthday


Debra Paget Height


Debra Paget Build


Debra Paget Eye Color
Debra Paget Biography Facts


Debra Paget :Hair Color

Dyed Blonde

Debra Paget:Birthplace

Denver, Colorado, USA

Debra Paget:Zodiac Sign


Debra Paget: Relationship Status


Debra Paget:Occupation

Former actress

Debra Paget:Distinctive Feature

Debra Paget:Ethnicity


Debra Paget:Claim to Fame

Bird of Paradise

Debra Paget:Nationality


Debra Paget:Gender


Film Role

Actor/Actress, Soundtrack

Debra Paget:Full Name at Birth

Debralee Griffin

Debra Paget: Pets


Debra Paget Favorite Places

Denver, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Paris, Milan, New York, London

Favorite Colors

Black, White, Green, Blue, Golden, Pink, Red, Orange, Grey, Brown

Debra Paget Favorite Accessories

Jewellery, Boas

Debra Paget:Father

Frank Griffin

Debra Paget:Mother

Margaret Griffin

Debra Paget:Brother

Frank H. Griffin Jr

Debra Paget:Sister

Mareta Eloise Griffin, Lezlie Griffin

Debra Paget Bio

Debra Paget:Friend

Terry Moore

Debra Paget: Age


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