Niurka Marcos Eye Color

Niurka Marcos has beautyfull eyes ,It is certainly one of the actresses and talented dancer, beauty with one of the most desirable beauty face and body in Tv Mexican a woman determined to find what she wants, tell it like it is, bluntly, no matter the place or person.

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Person ask throu the years what color her eyes are,does she wears contact leneses and so on..but before answer that question lets know marcos some facts.
Niurka Marcos Eye Color
Niurka Marcos born November 25, 1967 is a Cuban-born Mexican singer, dancer, actress, and erotic model. She is known professionally simply as Niurka.

Niurka Marcos Eye Color and Personal Facts:

Niurka Marcos Nationality Cuban
Niurka Marcos Last Name Marcos
Niurka Marcos Build Voluptuous
Niurka Marcos Eye Color GreenNiurka Marcos Hair Color Dyed Blonde
Niurka Marcos Ethnicity White
Niurka Marcos Middle Name Melanie
Niurka Marcos Full Name at Birth Niurka Melanie Marcos y Calle
Niurka Marcos Brother Thomas, Ernesto
Niurka Marcos Sister Martha, Maribel, María del Carmen
Niurka Marcos Birthplace Havana, Cuba
Niurka Marcos Film Role Actor/Actress, Soundtrack

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