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Atala Sarmiento with 15 years of experience On Tv

Atala Sarmiento with 15 years of experience, is now a familiar face Mexican television. Just finished college, Atala had the opportunity to start their career in the middle, to join the successful team of Pati Chapoy, when the journalist directed and hosted the program "In the Middle of the Spectacle".

A few months into that program as a reporter, left the post Pati Chapoy Atala, who remained titular presenter andreporter for more than five years Throughout this time, conducted interviews with important national and international figures in the world of music, film, theater and television, such as Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Oasis, Will Smith, Antonio Banderas, the Oscar winner Russell Crowe, the thrice nominated for an Oscar, Ridley Scott, Ricky Martin, Shakira, Ricardo Arjona, Alejandro Sanz, and The Bee Gees, to name just a few. Simultaneously, Atala served as host of major international projects such as the Oscars, whose ceremonies have been broadcast by TV Azteca cons…

Ana Maria Polo Portable Toilet Video

Following the style that characterizes it, Dr. Ana Maria Poloshares with the public one of the most intimate moments of his life: his way of going to the bathroom in a toilet sooooooooo chic. Well, at least practical.
Turns out, Dr. Polo says that in his dressing room Telemundo studies, where does 'Case Closed', no bathroom, so he found a convenient way of not having to go far if he urges relieve themselves in through recordings: a portable toilet.

Check Ana Maria Polo Kissing an Actor
Ana Maria Polo gives a theoretical and practical explanation of how to use this device for your life and even your friend, our blogger, actor and presenter, Javier Ceriani, shows how clean afterwards. Will you have one like this?

Shakira addicted to breastfeeding?

Since giving birth to little Milan in January, Shakira is happy with the whole process of breastfeeding. The Colombian singer recently revealed to U.S. Weekly that loves to breastfeed her baby and is "addicted", calling it "one of the best experiences of my life"

"Love it! I can not stop! Think I'm going to breastfeed until they go to college!" She told the magazine.

In addition to sharing special moments with the small, the new mother confesses that breastfeeding has been able to lower the weight you gained during pregnancy.

Although Shakira looks great a few months after giving birth, recently expressed some displeasure with her body after giving birth, saying that "still has a long" to regain her figure.

Bodine Koehler Wants To Be A famous singer

Since winning the crown of Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2012, Bodine Koehler had its clear objective: to record an album and become a famous singer. It seems that your wishes are being carried out, but as a DJ.

The model has already recorded hes first album in Miami, funded by her fiance Miguel Ferrer (pledged in December, though no wedding plans), according to a source close to the couple.

The disc is Bodine compositions for electronic music produced by musicians from the United States, performed in his role now DJ by artist, who has been invited to make a presentation at a nightclub in Miami.

Bodine plays piano and has a background in music composition and dance elements to be incorporated in its staging, which is expected to be soon.

Miss World PR Meet The Governor

The 24 year old will share his victory with his people from Caguas, you want to receive it with honor.

Nadyalee Torres, Miss World Puerto Rico 2013, admitted that await months of hard work and dedication, so she has no time to lose.

"In September I'm going to Indonesia, so the preparation begins now. The organization just give me a few days to spend with my family, because the preparation is quite strong with scrimmages, catwalk, projection .. "She said.

Torres said that give special attention to the screening to improve in that area and have a 'coach' singing, a facet that is passionate, but has not taken classes.

The 24 year old will share his victory with his people from Caguas, you want to receive it with honor.

"I have understood that Mayor William Miranda Torres wants to meet me and have lunch. That still is being coordinated, "She said.

Nadyalee mentioned, on the other hand, who is conscious of the social crisis facing the country.

"I think o…

Tiffany Diaz Imposes its feminine vision

The novel  starring comedian 'little girls' cyber channel for Sofia Vergara
The Puerto RicanTiffany Diaz is a 'Chamaca' in action. This is the comedy novel cyber Mariem Carlitos Ruiz and Pérez, creators of 'Maldeamores'
 who inspired productions with female approach such as 'Bridesmaids' and 'Girls', decided to make their own version.

"It's a multi-type sketches 'Saturday Night Live' which gives strength to women. It's comedy, but from a female perspective in our language (Spanish) trying to break that image that everything Latin is tacky. The truth is that we have great filmmakers and actors with tremendous ideas and was born there 'little girls', said Diaz who four years ago is based in Los Angeles, California after trying their luck in the field of commercial and modeling in Puerto Rico and Miami later.

The interesting thing about this proposal is that the actress is also listed as a writer, what has inspired her …

Distanced Jaime Mayol and Ximena Navarrete

Physical distance and busy schedules of work each impacted the romantic relationship between Jaime Mayol Puerto Rican entertainer and former Miss Universe Mexican Ximena Navarrete to the point that now are "spaced".

"It is true that they are estranged. During the recordings Idol auditions Puerto Rico, earlier this week, Jaime talked to me and told me that the work commitments of both have increased the distance between them, "he told Primera Hora Elizabeth Sanchez, Mayol relations person. "This does not mean that the situation between them changes later on."

It may be recalled that during the past weeks Jaime Mayol was traveling continuously between Puerto Rico, which encourages the "Stay close to noon" WAPA TV, and Colombia where he was hired to encourage production "Dare to sing" for RCN Television.

Meanwhile, Ximena Navarrete is immersed in the recordings of the soap opera "The Tempest", his first starring role in the stel…

Puertorrican Journalist Ruben Sanchez gets scolded By Viviana Ortiz

Ruben Sanchez looked like a journalist novice when Wednesday night Viviana Ortiz Pastrana cornered until she mourn, just a week after they left to light allegations of this model around Puerto Rican who was a victim of male violence by of his now ex-boyfriend, the model also Freddy Garcia, better known as fredito Mathews.

In full issuance of the interview he did on his show "Ruben & Co.", Univision Puerto Rico, the reporter had to be guided by the woman's attorney, Wanda Vazquez, cause after tears, with questions and hints , the finalist of Nuestra Belleza Latina 2013.

"Viviana still pass victimization process every time you talk about it. As she talks about it, she relives those emotions that she does not want to remember "said Vazquez before Sanchez's embarrassed face.

The journalist then apologized to the audience and the Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2011, and then only took a few minutes to talk about the grant from the Center for Arts Education (CEA) …

Couple promotes marriage as a company

A couple CostaRican North Carolina argues that marriage is the "business" more major life through his book "10 Rules of the Game", which provides solutions to common problems of coexistence.

Otárola Xinia Lawrence and have been married for twenty-seven years, the last 17 in North Carolina, where they raised their three children, and directs the International Center for Leadership Development and the Family, a non-profit organization.

The pair gives talks in several countries in Latin America, producing radio and television programs with the aim of rescuing the distorted image of marriage and try to eradicate the "epidemic" of divorce and disintegration world of Hispanic families.

"If we give proper place to the emotions, passion, romance, and marriage began to see more as a life project that requires dedication, hard work and, above all, a set of principles and knowledge that allow us to function better in daily life, things will go much better, "…

The Story Behind Tragic Death of the Young Natasha Velez Maysonet

President of Miss Teen World Puerto Rico, Carlos Figueroa, yet not conceal his surprise at the tragic death of the young Natasha Velez Maysonet, who represented the town of Camuy in last year's contest, held last February 24 in Fine Arts Center in Guaynabo.

 Maysonet Velez, 19, died today along with two other youths by carbon monoxide poisoning in a cabin motel Adonis, in Juana Diaz, police said.

"It's very unfortunate ... I just found out about an hour ago and all has taken us by surprise, "Figueroa said in a telephone interview with Primera Hora.

"I can say she was a young responsible, committed and dedicated. I met her for eight months and as chairman of the competition I took a special affection. The news has affected me greatly, "he added.

The communications student at the University of the Sacred Heart stood out in the competition for leadership and jovial spirit. It came to the table of the semifinalists, but managed to win the affection of her colle…

What do Denise Quinones and Bodine Koehler have in Common?

What do they have in common these two beauties Denise Quinones and Bodine Koehler? Difficult, but at least there are two things I agree: both have been Miss Universe Puerto Rico and the two have worn elegantly designed by Stella Nolasco.

This black dress last night Quiñones led his first concert in Puerto Rico, entitled "I'm here", in Punto Fijo cabaret Fine Arts Center in San Juan. The fitted dress has details on black guipure lace and sleeves.

It turns out that this design was adjusted to the sensuous curves of Bodine Koehler in a photo shoot for a special this newspaper in November 2012, just before the beauty departed to Las Vegas to represent the island in international competition without obtain the crown.

Lost triplet??

But the Miss Universe 2001 and the alleged girlfriend of tycoon Miguel Ferrer are not the only queens have their figures silhouetted with this creation by Stella Nolasco. The reigning Miss Universe Puerto Rico, Monic Perez, who was modeled on the f…

Sofia Vergara will be immortalized in wax by Madame Tussauds

Sofia Vergara will be immortalized in wax by Madame Tussauds, and twice.

Check Sofia Vergara Smoking Cigar

The figure to the Colombian superstar will join Madame Tussauds museums in New York and Las Vegas on Tuesday, June 4, it was announced Thursday. Both will be unveiled at the New York branch and then be exhibited independently in both cities.

"We are very excited about the arrival of Sofia Vergara at Madame Tussauds," said museum executive in the United States, Janine DiGioacchino. "(Vergara) has become one of the most recognizable and popular talents in the world and we know that his fans and our visitors will love his figures".
According to the statement of the museum, which included photographs of the actress from "Modern Family" during the process, Vergara enthusiastically participated in the realization of their wax figures, spending time with a team of artists who took precise measurements and made sure capture your style, eye color, posture and…

Kate Middleton is the most beautiful pregnant moment

Kate Middleton is the most beautiful pregnant moment, could you not?
Kate Middleton showed off tummy in the tea party that featured Queen Elizabeth II in Buckingham Palace.

The summer look of the wife of Prince William led to thousands of women in England go out in search of warm yellow tone with white.

Daddy Yankee celebrates the graduation of his daughter

Although Daddy Yankee does not speak much of his family, on May 27 made ​​an exception and even shared with her fans a photo with her daughter.
Check acusan a Daddy Yankee de ser Gay

Daddy Yankeeattended the graduation of his oldest daughter, Yamilette, who received one of the highest ratings in its class, so Daddy wanted to share his father's pride with their fans through Twitter.

"The most prominent in his graduating class. * HIGH HONOR ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE * YAMILETTE # miamor # daddysgirl # graduation # Daddyyankee # dy ", wrote the reggaeton.

Check Daddy Yankee Limbo Song Letter
Daddy Yankee confessed that she had her first child at age 17, according to the website Primera Hora.

"PROUD # DADDY I had this beauty as a teenager. The road was hard but with the support of God and a good wife, we got the goal, make it an exemplary child, "he wrote.

Check Daddy Yankee Video of  El Amante

This is not the only reason that Daddy Yankee is celebrating, the singer is nom…

Maripily wants to be the villain

Throughout his career of 16 years, we have seen modeling, animating television shows and steal the attention of thousands of fans on their performance as a dancer on the reality Come Dancing. Now it is the turn to acting.

For this new facet, as part of its preparation, Maripily working with his accent as part of the requirements for work abroad.

"I'm getting ready to act. I am preparing with my accent, to be neutral and all because we Puerto Ricans do have the accent well marked with the 'r' "says the businesswoman also through a photo shoot to announce the new collection sports wear line Pompis Store.

The question whether there is any specific project, says it has several offers on the table, including "a novel, as well as a leading role in a play in Miami, which the paper had it to Aylin Mujica and commitments that have Aylin Mujica with novels, then, it was offered to me and we're thinking. "

Maripily ensures that the role most enjoy performing wo…

Monica Puig: "I will not settle for this"

Hsm love the Puerto Rican Monica Puig, not content with having qualified for the third round of Roland Garros in his first Grand Slam in Paris at age 19 and warns that want to "go for more".

"I love to go to the tennis great, I always play my best tennis. Surprised I'm not the pressure," said the young tennis player, before their match against Spanish Carla Suarez twenty best racket in the world.

Puig, who arrived in Paris on the 86th of the WTA ranking, dream big and reiterates that the way to achieve your goals is to undergo training on the court. Trust your tennis and although enjoying your results, know that it is a deserved reward for hard work, he says.

Today's meeting, which defeated American Madison Keys 6-4, 7-6 (2), in one hour and 35 minutes, "was a tight game, a day well over both" summarizes the Puerto Rican.

"I knew who handle the nerves a little better going to move forward," said Puig, granddaughter of Catalan, Spanish an…

Dulce Maria has a New Boyfriend

 Hoy en all the kardashians-Dulce Mariaconfessed that singleness and left aside and is very happy, as People reported the site in Spanish.

"I have a boyfriend and I'm living a pretty stage," said the singer. "After many years of only devote to work, now I have shared other things with someone who is not in the middle".

In Sweet's love life have been paraded several celebrities like former RBD Alfonso Herrera, the Mexican National Team goalkeeper Memo Ochoa and actor Paul Lyle. Her most recent relationship was with businessman Luis Rodrigo Reyes.

Dulce Maria has not wanted to give details of her new beau and prefer to talk about her second solo album.

"I was writing as a year for this record; come with my own compositions, dreamy and more realistic but fun," Sweet said. "It's an album with musical proposal, will include Mexican sounds to my audience in Latin America, [there will be] a song in Portuguese. I hope that in late summer and can h…

Chespirito Exceeds 5 million in Twitter

Just two years ago opened his Twitteraccount and Roberto Gómez Bolaños already surpassed the 5 million 'followers'. Follow him good!

In fact, it was the May 28, 2011 when the comic genius first opened his Twitter account and close their two years of activity on the social network, Chespirito totaled 5 million 316 000 164 followers.

The creator of such memorable characters as El Chavo and El Chapulin Colorado, was very attentive to the end of the Mexican soccer, it is stated Americanist heart and kept tweeting during the game.

One of his most recent posts was to show his condolences for your friend, Raul Padilla "Chóforo", who died on May 24. This is what he wrote:

Raul "Choforo" Padilla, great actor and a great friend, you are with God and Chespirito wish Florida.

Apparently, Don Roberto Gómez Bolaños has not made any conclusion about breaking the mark of five million. Surely those who will be partying soon are his fans who responded to his call of follow m…

New York Citi Bike Premiered the System to Explore the City

As an alternative to the subway, the bus or the mythical yellow cab New Yorkers and tourists can get around the Big Apple on two wheels thanks to 'Citi Bike', a public bike rental, the largest in the country, which was launched Monday.

A total of six thousand blue bike 330 stations in the southern half of the island of Manhattan and parts of Brooklyn is the initial offering of the City at the launch of this system that aims to promote healthy lifestyles, one of the policy goals Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

While the Big Apple is known for its traffic congestion, more and more New Yorkers to ride on two wheels to enjoy the city with over 400 miles of bike lanes have been installed in the last five years and over 300 miles of greenways.

This net lease, the greatest of all in the United States, New York follows the footsteps of other cities like London, Paris, Barcelona and Mexico City, which in recent years have had great success with similar initiatives.

The program "is a gre…

How to get a flat stomach as Jennifer Lopez

Want to enjoy summer is just around the corner and lose some unwanted pounds and look like Jennifer Lopez who undergoes constant exercise routine to keep your abs into shape follow these tips to the letter and assured accomplish your goal of losing those additional pounds that bother you so much, you'll look better and your health will thank you.

, Stay active every day for at least 30 minutes. Aerobic activities such as swimming or walking at moderate or intense rhythms are the best way to shrink the unwanted belly fat. Ask your doctor what is the best method for your age and health status.

Satisfy your nutritional needs with low calorie options. You will lose weight, and you will grant to your body with essential nutrients, consuming fruits and vegetables along with whole grains, low-fat dairy products, lean meats and fresh fish. Be sure to consume at least 1200 calories per day.

Performs routine bridge. The bridge is a core drill, which means that tone up your stomach while you…

Cynthia Klitbo desea un nuevo bebe

La actriz Cynthia Klitbo ha tratado de tener  un nuevo bebé a la cigüeña para sus dos hijas, pero algunos factores como la edad han impedido que se convierta en una mamá de nuevo.

Cynthia Klitbo artista mexicana reveló que le gustaría que un hijo más, pero tiene casi 50

quedar embarazada las posibilidades son cada vez más complicado.

Es muy duro a los 46 años, y hemos intentado tuvo la oportunidad de no golpear ", confesó la artista, que es  madre de dos niños pequeños para un programa de radio del Grupo Fórmula." Nos encantaría tener un hijo, pero sí no importan, Eliza y Caroline dan bastante guerra ".

Cynthia Klitbo despues de casarse con su novio, planea ampliar la familia se están convirtiendo en estado latente, sin embargo, además de la edad de los mexicanos, su apretada agenda complica la situación, como ocurre actualmente en la grabación de la nueva telenovela "De Te amo, Te amo ".

Aunque no dijo si va a recurrir a técnicas de reproducción asistida, Cynthia…

Gorgeous Model Sissi Fleitas at Despierta America

Gorgeous, wearing a cute red dress, Sissi Fleitas came to Despierta America to share a really fun morning with our drivers. Perfect opportunity to remember their beginnings on Sabado Gigante and talk about their projects in Mexico, in theater, film and television.

Check Sisi at Top Chef

What funniest moment! Sissi FleitasDoña Meche teaching how to dance 'slipper'. Could it be that after these lessons Doña Meche manages to be the new 'Adventurer'?

Jennifer Lopez Modern Outfits

Jennifer Lopez presumed loves the color white!.The actress escaped to New York to meet certain work commitments
She took advantage of his stay in the Big Apple to show off their lovely curvas.Y to leave more than one small square eye showed a little more of the cuenta.The big screen star and music came out of the hotel where you are staying wrapped in very suggestive clothing.

Although his hips stole the attention of photographers, when they realized that her blouse showed more than a flower they were astonished.
Check out dresses wore by Jennifer Lopez

And it is for this output Jennifer Lopez chose a blouse transparent blouse flores.La prints, which by the way was super cute, left to their pechos.Claro recoated, the star took care that her breasts were guarded at all times and slipped into a flirty bra.

Bra lace was not, like thousands must be thinking, but white cotton.Well by Jennifer Lopez who loves to give 'eye candy'!
Check out Tiny Waist of Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez…

Shakira gives toys 'Intelligent' to Milan

 The singer Shakira has boasted on his Twitter account that his son Milan, due to their relationship with footballer Gerard Pique, four months playing with handmade objects that help in its development.

In the picture you can see shared colored plastic bottles full of seeds, balls of wool and cellophane or foil other. Shakira wrote that this type of toys allow you to 'explore sounds and textures give'. Child development experts recommend this type of stimuli from an early age, it is beneficial to the child's learning in general.


Able to touch and hold objects is important for the baby, according to Dr. Rebecca Woods, Professor of Human Development and Family Sciences, of NDSU, "an important part of human cognitive development, which includes skills such as thinking, perception and memory is the ability to understand if an object we have in view is the same as we saw before or is it a different one. "

Although 'Nips' is too small to sit still and …

Rapper 'Mexican' is Arrested In Puerto Rico

Rapper Israel Perales Ortiz, better known as 'Mexican', was arrested on May 28 after having escaped a week ago the Hogar Crea Arecibo, Puerto Rico.

'Mexican' was at the Hogar Crea by a court order, and he committed domestic violence against his ex-partner who threatened and attacked.

According to the website Primera Hora, the rapper was found in a residence of the District of Manati Aqueduct.

Secretary of Corrections and Rehabilitation, José Negrón Fernández, reported that six officers took part in the intervention in which they had to force the door and a quarter.

"At the moment they make contact with him, did not show any resistance, obeyed all guidelines that gave the agents. Was only in shorts (position), fully awake, coherent, cooperative at all times," said secretary.

The police let Perales dress was finished and that will take some medicine. The rapper was taken to the Bayamón Correctional Complex where he underwent a medical checkup.

Police are still …

Lady Gaga Creates a Wig with Lighting

The singer,Lady Gaga known beyond for his songs for eccentricity with dressing, collaborated with the creative team of signature 'Haus of Gaga' for six months to create that very special piece for which was inspired by the Disney princesses-Snow White , Cinderella, 'Beauty and the Beast', the Little Mermaid and Rapunzel.

Each party attending a 'rave' (shows that stretch for nights, with sets of lights, celebrated in places and where there is frequent drug use).

"Hello everyone.'m Lady Gaga. Them wanted to show one of the new inventions of Haus of Gaga.Wig is handmade by Frederic aspire.'s An innovation in six months we worked and we came both Frederic, as Tara (his official makeup artist) and me and my friend Chris ".

"We will illuminate for you to see.'s Made of human hair and finest hairs existing optical fiber, which move and seem real hair.'s Piece is the result of taking a Disney princess and put her in a rave "she said i…

Los Peinados Extravagantes de Miley Cyrus

Las Distintas greñas de Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus va de lo normal a lo extravagante, así ha sido la sorprendente evolución en los peinados la ex estrella de Disney.
Ni le explotó el boiler ni se le subió un puercoespín, simplemente es el 'look' que eligió para la temática 'punk' del evento. Uno de los peinados más extravagantes que le hemos visto hasta el momento, ¿no creen?

Miley Cyrus siempre ha elegido peinados modernos, coquetos y muy juveniles, ya que la seriedad no tiene lugar en su arreglo. Por eso cuando asistía a eventos de gala la veíamos con colas de caballo de lado o chongos muy alborotados para darle un toque divertido al momento.

Miley Cyrus y su ondeada y larga melena era parte admirable de su imagen, ya que siempre le sacó provecho con detallitos como sujetarlo hacia atrás con pasadores o teñirlo de diferentes colores. Recuerdan lo 'hot' que se veía de pelirroja...

El 'glamour' se le subió a la cabeza con este increíble chongo, al que le…

Artistas Con Corte de Cabellos Segun La Forma De Rostro

Corte de cabello según la forma del rostroTal vez en tiempo de verano estas considerando hacerte un corte de cabello y color de pelo ,asi darle un cambio refrescante a tu aparenciencia haciendola asi mas atractiva para tu satisfaccion.Con corte llamativo y atractivo a la moda que asiente bien con tu vestimenta y gusto,que los demas admiren y comenten sea en tu area de trabajo o algunas de tus salidas.Lo importante es escoger el corte de cabello adecuado segun la forma de tu rostro.

Cara cuadrada: El mejor para tu tipo de rostro es uno que te llegue a la altura de los hombros, evitando las capas y con las puntas parejas.

Cara triangular: Un corte para esta forma de cara no es tan sencillo pero tampoco es imposible, porque puedes elegir uno que te llegue al filo del rostro con las puntas rebasando la barbilla para un aspecto más equilibrado de tu imagen.

Triángulo invertido: Un corte estilo 'bob' con las puntas más largas al frente hará que tu cara se vea proporcionada. Por alg…

Eiza Gonzalez talks about his fight with Belinda

Hsm Online tv espectaculos-The rivalry between Eiza Gonzalez and Belinda continues to talk about. After pop stars fought through Twitter and even their fans have to decide whose side they were, Eiza broke the silence and said what he thought.

Although the singers repeatedly have said that there is no rivalry and that you want the best, his actions say the same.

Eiza spoke with the program today and gave his thoughts on the fight they had on Twitter.

"I have nothing to talk about that kind of thing, but ... nonsense. Each his own, happy and content and work, right? All the time work more, earn our place, everyone have their own and be happy with who we are, so that everyone has and now, "said the singer.

It all started when Eiza Gonzalez shared a photo via Twitter using her new jacket and wrote "McQueen love, my new baby."

Apparently, when he saw the picture Belinda wanted to let the whole world know that she also has that jacket and more. So two hours later, Belin…

Fatal Blondes Showbiz Celebrities

Fatal Blondes showbiz!
These celebrities have lived deluded with the idea that blondes look good and the cruel reality is another. Which of them looks worse?
Beyoncé? Do not know you should choose two shades lighter than your natural hair color to avoid and was not bleached almost white mane see? Someone tell that.
The 'Spring Breaker' broke our hearts to see these "oxygenates" hairs that took away all its charm to women. Do you like how it looks like Vanessa Hudgens?

Her slim figure and platinum hair of Victoria Beckham made ​​a skull. Until we find it strange that while designer has chosen this tone is not going to anything to his hair or his tan skin color.

Miley, tell us what you brag with your blonde hair and we will tell you lack of beauty with her. If you want you can return to your hair coffee with you looked more beautiful.

Today on Hsm Online tv espectaculos-Do not panic because it is not ghost, it is only with his unflattering Anne Hathaway "güera am …