Openly Gay First Woman Appointed as a Judge of the Supreme Court of Puerto Rico

Gay Judge in Supreme Court Puerto rico
The nomination of Lawyer Maite Orono as a judge of the Supreme Court  of Puerto Rico, the first openly gay in being considered for such a high position woman has sparked a series of reactions ranging from the joy of community Lesbian , Gay , Bisexual , Transsexual and Transgender ( LGBT ) to the rejection of religious leaders.

Against the designation pastors Wanda Rolon and Dr. César Vázquez , who described the action of the governor Alejandro García Padilla as " disrespectful " to the people " valued " were expressed .

To Rolon, that Oronoz has thanked his partner Gina Mendez looked in their first expressions was an unnecessary action that has tarnished the merits as a professional lawyer .

"I understand that she must rather use its merits as a professional and not just get there and impose with that face and here is my companion ; that in a country where still recognizing marriage is between a man and a woman, " Rolon said. "The governor once again we lacked respect for all who believe in family values ​​and established as God ," the self-appointed apostle.

For his part, Dr. Vazquez expressed concerned about the " example " that can give the lawyer with their relationship, but especially with the power to make decisions that will have " to alter the values ​​" of the Puerto Rican people.
What Do You think about  Nomination of Lawyer Maite Orono as judge of Supreme Court of Puerto Rico?

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