These Foods Help you Lose Weight

Amazing Foods to archive lose weight fast

 Health-If you want to speed up your metabolism to burn those calories that you have more , regularly consume egg , beans, milk and green tea.

According to Health information portal 180, a healthy way to reduce weight is to maintain a balanced diet that allows you to burn more calories than you consume daily.
These foods help you lose weight

Some foods that will help you achieve this goal, as long as you consume in moderation and prepare without extra calories are protein drinks and we introduce :

Know your benefits of These Foods Help you Lose Weight

Egg : As a food rich in protein will help you feel full longer , so you will not have that hungry. In addition, the egg contains an element that makes your desire to eat sweets less frequently .

Beans: Rich in ' Cholecystokinin ' , which are natural appetite suppressants, will make you feel satisfied, will help you maintain a stable sugar levels in the blood and reduce levels of bad cholesterol.

Salads: The key to these, whatever vegetables you choose, are the amount ; when you eat lots of salads ( free dressings ) will lose weight , because the stomach is distended and the brain receives a signal of satiety.
Fat burning drinks

Green Tea: This is one of the most important sources of antioxidants . It also contains ' Catechins ' properties that speed up metabolism and promote the use of fat as an energy source .

Milk : Calcium is able to inhibit the storage of fat in the body and help you reduce the fat that is often stored in the abdomen of men and women . Sure, the milk should be skimmed , to enjoy these benefits.

So you know , if you put aside those ' chichitos ' hip , waist or legs, do not forget to include these foods  in your diet. Ingiérelos sparingly and always remember seeing a nutritionist , reaching your goals, but put your health at risk .
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Kloe Kardashian Camino al Gimnacio

En este articulo de estrellas de hollywood sobresale la cita de la socialite en el dia de ayer, Kloe Kardashian y su novio French Montana fueron vistos saliendo de la ciudad de Miami juntitos.

Pero en el dia de hoy sabado 31 mayo KloeKardashan hace uso de su cuenta de Instagram para enviar un mensaje a sus seguidores sobre el lugar donde esta localizada.

Kloe Kardashian Camino al Gimnacio

El mensaje en cuestion dice asi:

Me encatan este lugar! Odio no haber sido consistente en el gimnacio. Consistensia es la clave para estar en forma fisica. Gracias Mr Gym por ser mi terapia para…mi  Mente, Cuerpo y Alma,”escribio la estrella del realiuty que cuenta con 29 años en su cuenta de Instagram bien temprano en la mañana..

Es que en realidad el ejercicio proporciona bienestar al cuerpo y por consiguiente podemos funcionar mejor

Que piensas tu del ejercicio le ha venido bien a Kloe Kardashian?
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Tyra Banks no Makeup Announces New 2015 show

Tyra Banks no Makeup Announces New show

Like a song of Christmas season in Puerto Rico which reads thus says: ' If you thought you did not come , you have been given tremendous .. jodi . ' Well the rest I leave to the imagination .

This is an introduction to break the news that round in the evolution of Saturday 31 .. on the return to television of the Supermodel, actress, reality television, and Harvard haver Tyra Banks, this has reached an agreement with Disney - ABC for a new talk show that will go on the air for 2015 according to Deadline, the new television project currently untitled Banks will focus on " leading a team of lifestyle experts as they tackle a wide range topics. "

Tyra Banks no Makeup

Former supermodel program called , The Tyra Banks Show , which aired from 2005 to 2010 on the CW channel , and based on temassurrealistas . She kind of advice indelible life can offer only Tyra also offered :

Supermodel liked disfrasarse because on one occasion took the disguise a fat woman pretending to show the prejudices of another occasion company.A company dressed man . It was a show a bit outside the norm , looking for big ratings, especially for girls.

Only wish that on this occasion will go even better supermodel , Tyra Banks no Makeup
, a great adventurer . Video Tyra Bank Show:Fat Hateration

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Country Singer Taylor Swift New Album

Today Saturday May 31 last day of the month goes on the singer note of
taylor swift new album.The country singer was spotted at the international airport in Narita , Japan as part of his musical tour called Red throughout Asia, the photographer of the stars of hollywood captures the moment the singer wearing a very beautiful dress as spring season came to town .

In an exclusive interview with the star aboutTaylor Swift New Album justjared informed the following  regarding the release of a new project :

Taylor Swift New Album

"Since I have been working very hard on it and it's my favorite thing I've created . So the idea that after Asia, have the opportunity to go back and finish everything and have everything completely done and completely wrapped for a new project is very exciting, " the 24- year-old country singer shared earlier this week in a press conference in China , about his upcoming album.

Video Entrevita Taylor Swift

You can watch the conference interview in the below video As Taylor talk about the tour called Red in Asia region , which will end this June .

What do you think about Taylor Music...hsm loves it
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Do not trust! Not all dogs can swim

Whenever summer comes , with their aforementioned days of pool and beach , many ask us if dogs can swim and if they do not know if you can teach them to do so . The answer is no and yes . Not all dogs are born with the instinct or knowledge of swimming, but it is possible to teach them to defend themselves in the water.

The first thing that experts recommend is to teach them to swim, choose a quiet place where not many people or other dogs. It may be a pool or pond , it does not matter . This will help reduce the anxiety that can cause your pet bustle of humans or the swell of the sea. That way , you can better concentrate on the lesson.

Here are some other helpful tips:

- At the beginning of training , use a kiddies pool . Later, when you have learned , you can take your dog to the beach.

- Please have your favorite snacks to encourage him to enter the water , it is not recommended to throw sharply. In fact , if the animal is reluctant , do not make me do it because it might be scared too and even develop a phobia .

- Enters the water with only wet pet and legs so that you gradually get used to the sensations . If the first instance I do not succeed, try again later or another day to not tire the animal.

- If you react well to that first step , take it in your arms or provided enough support to start kicking . You can place your hand on the abdomen or put a life jacket for dogs, as this will make you feel more confident.

Do not trust! Not all dogs can swim

- Teach , also , how to get out of the water. If you are in a swimming pool , show all areas where you can go .

- Although your dog can swim , never leave him alone in the water. Supervise at all times.

- Do not allow water or drink by the pool or the sea, as this could cause gastrointestinal disturbances.

- Make sure to provide protection against UV rays.

- Try to give their " swimming lessons " during the morning or later afternoon to avoid possible heat stroke .
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How to Know if He is Interested in You?

How to know if he is interested in you ? That is the question that many women do when they are near the boy of her dreams, but do not know if the next move.

Because men and women are diametrically different , not always know if they are thinking the same as us, but sometimes they are not that betrays his words, but his body language gestures , reactions or even how that stop signs are the best whether they are interested in you.

The first thing you should do is pay attention to him,what he says and how he says it , also in the way he  listen and how much attention pay or how he acts That can say a lot and tell you if you have to take things further or better pose your eyes on someone else.

How to Know if He is Interested in You

Some of the gestures made ​​by the man can be very obvious , to make you feel that they are interested in reaching the following , especially on the first date , that's when you decide if you want to advance to the second stage or level or not..
El Universal presents ten signs that will tell you if they are interested or  better find another game.

1) sweaty palms : When someone you find attractive , you sweat . You body produces substances such as norepinephrine , dopamine and serotonin , they make your body speed up breathing and put your hands to sweat. If you give your hand is wet , it is a good sign .

2) Tone of voice : Studies show that when someone we like , we change the tone in which we speak . According to the analysis by the University of Aberdeen, when a person looks attractive , men tend to talk more manly , with a more serious tone.

3) Pupils dilate : Thanks to the release of dopamine , the pupils dilate . A study by psychologist Eckhard Hess says the pupil diameter increases when viewed at an attractive woman, therefore , to know if he likes you , there is more to see.

4) Body position : The more a man approaches a woman is more attracted to her. Bowing to have her closer to him talk that he likes you more . The closer you are , the more attracted he feels. If you distance , bad news .

5) ft. If both are seated, his feet will tell you much of what you feel. If your feet are pointing to the girl , it means you want to continue at the site , indicating that want to go over the process of knowing .

6) Fix your hair : If you feel attracted to you constantly touch your hair or fix your tie or clothing . Because he likes you, seek ways to be perfect for you so much take care of the details surrounding it.

7) Chest out , tummy in: It's an unconscious gesture that was inherited when the men went hunting . Wants to give the impression that he is handsome , so to please try to hide their flaws and provide your best pose.

8) Smile : Not that you're very funny, but if the time spent with you has a smile on his face, is a good sign that he likes you. If you suddenly loose a laugh, also will naturally keep you comfortable while you are together .

9) Try to touch : No means it will be above you , but that occasionally try rubbing your knee or your arm. Contact must do so with respect for you and up to the line a friendly approach and not merely sexual .

10) listen attentively : you know you got their attention not only because you staring at , but I also wonder what you think about a situation. He is not talking all the time himself. If you draw him , stop chattering , to focus on you.
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Que estilo prefiere Natalia Rivera

Es sin duda una de las chicas mas talentosas y guapas de la television puertorriqueña,es co-conductora del espacio de entretenimiento de el medio dia en el canal de WapaTv.Hablo de la joven Natalia Rivera.

Es una mujer boricua del pueblo de bayamon con una simpatia particular y una belleza que no su se puede esconder ante el ojo del televidente.

Esta participo en Nuestra Belleza Latina unos años atras, haciendo destrezas de su gran capacidad para el modelaje y la actuacion, entre datos importantes ,la joven bayamonesa Natalia Rivera es actriz conocida por haber participados en los fimes The Rum Diary (2011), Sirenas (2008) y Reggaeton the Movie (2013).

En el Chisme de artistas de puerto rico quiero compartir contigo imagenes de Natalia Rivera modelando distintos ajuares desde lo mas casual, a lo mas sofisticado ,para que contemples la belleza de esta joven boricua.

Estilo al Vestir Preferido de Natalia Rivera

Imagen de Natalia Rivera en Mahones cortos cotados y blusa disfrutando de exteriores en la isla de puerto rico.

estilo prefiere Natalia Rivera

Natalia Rivera Luce Traje de Baño de dos piesas,gafas sofisticadas y fue reconocida como una de las mujeres con las piernas mas sexy del espectaculo boricua.

Deja tu opinion en el chime..que opinas del estilo de vestir de Natalia Rivera
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Sleeping with lots of light Can Increase the Risk of Obesity

London - . Sleeping in a room with lots of light can increase the risk of obesity in women, a "risk factor " for breast cancer , according to a study released today by the Institute of Cancer Research in London.
Sleeping with lots of light Can Increase the Risk of Obesity
The scientists analyzed the habits of a large group of women forty and older to try to identify the causes of breast cancer.

Thus, 113,000 found that women who slept with a high light exposure suffered an increase in BMI and your waist size , although they could not determine the cause of this relationship.

"The partnership that we have seen between exposure to light at night and obesity is very intriguing. Still can not say what is the reason for this relationship , but the results leave open interesting future research," said researcher Anthony Swedlow .

According to the study , the metabolism is affected by " cyclical rhythms of the body" related to sleep habits , walking and exposure to light .

For his part , Dr. Emily McFadden , co-author of the study, said that the relationship between sleep bright and obesity is supported by previous research on the impact of light on the metabolism , while insisting that " are necessary " new studies .

The work was funded by the British organization fighting breast cancer " Breakthrough Breast Cancer " and published today in the journal "American Journal of epidemology " .

One of the researchers of the association said that " it is too early to suggest that sleep in the dark helps prevent obesity, a risk factor for breast cancer , but the relationship is really interesting."
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Puertorican Senator Called Dirty Politics 'relationship' with defendant Lutgardo Acevedo

The popular senator Maritere Gonzalez admitted today that her office has hired the accounting firm of Tax Advisors Lutgardo owned by Lutgardo Acevedo López , accused by federal authorities of corruption court acquitted him of a case of negligent homicide .

Gonzalez also said it filed a motion congratulating the accounting firm , claiming that it had been recognized by the Caribbean Business magazine as one of the 15 leading firms in the country.

Senator distanced herself from any personal connection with the defendant accounting today , stating that their relationship was strictly "professional" . Gonzalez said that the contract with the accounting firm was for a period of two months at $ 1,000 and was to address the analysis of last year's budget .

A search in the register of contracts the Comptroller's Office gave no indication of the existence of such a contract Senator Called Dirty Politics relationship with defendant Lutgardo Acevedo

"Once stopped the work and functions will not renew the contract because it was for a job at the end of the budget ," said Sen. interview with journalist Luis Enrique Falú the radio station Noti - One .

As for the motion card, senator defended herself saying that it was not a tribute , but a written acknowledgment for being one of the " Featured " West area, region firms he represents in the Legislature.

 " We congratulate the firm represented by this book , which is recognized in the country , a firm that everyone recognizes and distinguishes firm in the west area . Recognition And that we did for an article that appeared in the magazine Caribbean Business , where reference is made to this particular award, " reported .

The senator said she wanted to create a "nonexistent " link between her and the accused today , which cataloged as an example of the " dirty" politics.

"I believe that here the element is how dirty politics is what it is, because here you have to bring up and we must speak the right job I came to do and the positions I have taken , so that the people can then distinguish why it is you are trying to pull this out of proportion and establish a link there is not, that does not exist , "she said .

Maritere Gonzalez admitted that the motion card was only signing Acevedo , but had another 14 that had also been recognized by the business magazine . Asked why not congratulated each other, said Sen. know the reasons .

" I do not know the reasons , and is not homage , it is a motion card , not an activity where a special session which distinguishes in particular, but is a motion is extended to Tax Advisors Lutgardo and accounting work is done " she added.
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Busy Philipps Opina Comentarios de Gwyneth Paltrow

Sale la noticia de una de las estrellas de hollywood Busy Philipps esta vestia un elegante vestido en una promocion junto a la compañia Banana Boat para lanzar un sorteo de verano,este evento se dio ayer jueves en la ciudad de New York City.

La guapa actriz de 34 años de la ciudad de las Cougar fue a las oficinas de Huffington Post donde se le pregunto su opinion sobre los comentarios emitidos por la estrellas de hollywood Gwyneth Paltrow el cual fue mal interpretado donde esta dice que una madre normal le es mas facil ser mama.

Busy Philipps Opina Comentarios de Gwyneth

Bueno a todo esto Busy Philipps comento lo siguiente:

“Dios la bendiga, ella dice lo que siente,” dijo Busy . “Esa es su realidad. Esa es su verdad. No la mia. Yo tengo una realidad diferente y una diferente verdad.”

“Yo no siento que deboparar de hacer mis cosas y quejarme con decir que duro es ser actriz,” esta añadio. “Quiero decir no es tan duro.”

“Como padres, lo he logrado,” Busy Philipps comento. “Estoy en un TV show estoy con ellos en el verano.Y los puedo ayudar las 24 horas. Mi marido tambien trabaja, y la nana es de gran ayuda.”

Ser madre es un privilegio y a cada cual le toca difrente con un fin en comun el bienestar de los hijos.y cada cual opina lo que siente.pero al fin son madres.
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Jennifer Lopez Debuts Sexy Musical Video 'First Love'

The international model David Gandy is the partner chosen by Jennifer Lopez to be loved in the steamy video for " First Love", with the singer promotes what will be his eighth studio album , "AKA " .

After careful photography in black and white, with almost advertising bill , this new production of the singer of " Lets get loud" takes place in a desert landscape , where the protagonists are alone and literally rolling on the floor light clothing , showing off their sculpted bodies .

Jennifer Lopez Debuts Sexy Musica

"I received the offer and thought it would be really fun and an experience, quite different from what he had done before ," said Gandy to U.S. media on the reasons that led you to this video with Lopez, which says that is "a true professional " and that it went really well.

Jennifer Lopez Official Musical Video " First Love"

Directed by Anthony Mandler , who has previously worked for other artists like Rihanna and Taylor Swift, the video was shot on the outskirts of Los Angeles (USA ) under favorable weather conditions anything , despite the fiery end result .

"The wind was really strong and almost caused a sandstorm , so shoot in these conditions, with a freezing temperature , it became a challenge ," Gandy has revealed .

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Spurs return to NBA Finals

SAN ANTONIO - Back home , the Spurs

Now , they can ensure a ticket to the NBA Finals in Oklahoma City , where they were humiliated in a strange part film by the title of the Western Conference .

"It is the more strange series in which I participated ," said veteran Tim Duncan , San Antonio.

As you know Duncan had 22 points and 12 rebounds , Manu Ginobili added 19 points and the Spurs crushed the Thunder 117-89 on Thursday to take a 3-2 lead in the final series of the West.

Spurs return to NBA Finals

The result continued the trend of series rivals have alternated the roles of Doctor Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde.

The sixth is scheduled for Saturday in Oklahoma City." I have no idea , honestly ," said Spurs coach Gregg Popovich said , when asked the reason for the great disparity in each of the meetings. "I think every game was like a different animal , really.We talked to our team about it all the time.

"We have no idea what will happen , which team will win, playing lethargic or control the ball . "

Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green added 14 points apiece , Frenchman Boris Diaw added 13 and fellow Tony Parker Spurs 12 holed , who are one win away from returning to the NBA Finals after falling in seven games against Miami

last year .
Ginobili played 21:10 minutes , which added four rebounds, six assists and two fouls .The Brazilian Tiago Splitter had six points, two rebounds , one assist and three fouls in 11:45 minutes.Kevin Durant scored 25 points, but Russell Westbrook scored just 21 , seven assists , dividing after totaling 40 points and 10 passes for layup in Game .

Spurs regained the style of play that allowed them to win the first two games of the series by 52 points combined."We gave them exactly what they wanted ," admitted Oklahoma City coach Scott Brooks said.

They could dribble, get to the point line and free throw ."
In terms of triples, the Spurs shot 13 ​​of 26 , and outscored the Thunder by 48 rebounds against 35 . Moreover, San Antonio Oklahoma City limited to four fast-break , after allowing 21 in the fourth match.
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Policia Puerto Rico Allana dealers Clandestinos

Noticias de puerto rico-En el dia de ayer la division policiaca del Negociado de Vehículos Hurtados llevo a cabo  un operativo e  intervino con los llamados “dealers”, locales de venta de autos de motor clandestinos en puerto rico, como consecuencia que permitió cerrar 48 establecimientos y a su vez arresto a 12 personas involucradas en el actividad ilegal.

Policia Puerto Rico Allana dealers

Los  arrestados en cuestion habian infringido los artículos de la Ley 8 de Protección Vehicular de Puerto Rico. Además la policia emitio alrededor de116 denuncias y unos 75 boletos por violaciones a la ley de tránsito.

Los hermanos Luis Rodríguez Correa y  José Rodríguez Correa, fueron detenidos pues tenian en su poder 10 vehículos de distintas marcas y modelos, que estaban en violacion al artículo 18.7 de la ley 8.

Estoss casos de vehiculos hurtados serían consultados con la fiscalía para la presentación de cargos .

Por otro lado  El Negociado de Vehículos Hurtados le esta pidiendo a los ciudadanos su cooperacion brindando información que tenga que ver con el tráfico de piezas y vehículos, he aqui los telefonos todo es confidencial puedes llamar al 787 343-2020 o al 787 725-3332.
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Mujer de 89 años evita robo con Palo de Golf

Un hombre enmascarado con una espada se metió con la comerciante de 89 años, al  intentar robar una tienda de conveniencia en el estado de Washington, el domingo por la mañana.El aspirante a ladrón caminaba detrás del mostrador en Frank Superette en Moses Lake, Washington y exigió que Miyo Koba abriera la caja.

Pero Koba, que ha sido dueña de la tienda durante 60 años, no se intimido .Esta le respondio al ladron:"Dije, 'No, no voy a abrir la caja para ti,' "dijo a estacion de noticias KREM, ,"'si tocas la caja,te voy a clavar las tijeras.' ""Empezó a golpear la caja registradora , intento abrirla, porque no lo haría por él,"dijo Koba. continua narrando,"Sacó su pequeña espada de su saco, y la agito al aire".
anciana Patea el Trasero del ladrón

La policía dijo que la "espadita" mide unos tres pies.El sospechoso luego empujó a Koba y salio corriendo con la caja registradora sin abrir todavía, pero mientras ella estaba en el suelo, fue capaz de alcanzar un palo de golf y lo golpeo al ladronen las piernas.

Segun esta testifico apunto a la cabeza, pero no pudo alcanzarlo.El ladrón escapó, montado en una bicicleta de BMX.Posteriormente la Policía  recuperó la caja registradora, y toda la ropa del ladrón.

 "Él debe haber estado dando vueltas en su ropa interior y sin zapatos porque eso es lo que  me dijeron, pues encontraron toda su ropa,"dijo Koba.
No Olvides dejar opinion en hsm love hoy...

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Confirman Primer Caso de Chikungunya en Puerto Rico

La Secretaria de Salud de Puerto Rico, la Doctora Ana Ríus confirmó a la prensa de la isla en la tarde de hoy Jueves 29 Mayo,el primer evento de chikungunya-es un virus parecido al dengue que se transmite a través de la picada del mosquito Aedes aegypti.

Primer Caso de Chikungunya

Los primeros síntomas se parecen a una ataque de paludismo o de dengue no obstante la fiebre de chikungunya de ningún modo tiene nada que ver con estas enfermedades. La enfermedad empieza con una alta y resistente fiebre,en algunas ocasiones mayor a los 40 °C, con una duracion de 3 días.

A esta fiebre le sigue un eritema- un enrojecimiento de la piel condicionado por una inflamación debida a un exceso de riego sanguíneo mediante vasodilatación. y, durante 5 días, dolores musculares en las articulaciones bastante dolorosas. Estos dolores articulares pueden persistir o reaparecer incluso varios meses luego de la primera ataque.

El primer caso confirmado de Chikungunya en Puerto rico lo es una joven de 16 años quien vive en la zona de Capetillo en pueblo de Río Piedras.

Aunque no existe cura para esta enfermedad.hay tratamiento se concentra en aliviar los síntomas del mismo.
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Marjorie de Sousa Niega Amores con Adrián Uribe

Marjorie de Sousa aclara  los rumores que han circulado sobre un posible romance con el conductor y comediante Adrián Uribe; Marjorie se mostró un tanto indignada por el modo en cómo se maneja la información en algunos medios.

Pues resulta que la bella actriz Marjorie de Sousa posteo una foto en las redes sociales y en donde se le ve acompañada del comediante, la bella actriz venezolana explicó:

Marjorie de Sousa Niega Amores

"A Adrián lo quiero mucho, lo respeto, puse la foto porque obviamente somos amigos, salimos. Éramos como 10 personas juntas y solamente me sacan la foto a mí con él. Entonces ya dicen que me estoy besando, que estoy haciendo cosas, no soy de esa clase de personas".

Confiesa estar abierta al amor, por que esta solterita.

"El día de mañana si me ven besándome con alguien, ¡qué rico, vamos a disfrutarlo todos!, y les diré les presentó a mi pareja, pero por ahora no", concluyó la guapa artista venezolana quien participa en la grabacion de la nueva telenovela 'Hasta el Fin del Mundo' junto a Pedro Fernández.

Puedes opinar hoy en Hsm love Tv chismes
-Que te parece a ti Marjorie de Souza dira la verdad?
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Kendall Jenner has bought $ 1.4 million for a two bedroom

The beautiful model Kendall Jenner has bought $ 1.4 million for a two bedroom apartment in a luxury high-rise located near Westwood , Los Angeles. The property is located in a building with 24-hour valet parking , residents gym , wine cellar, heated pool and porter. And with panoramic views of the city .

Although the 18- year-old star of the reality show' Keeping up with the Kardashians ' and daughter of Kris and Bruce Jenner, has always enjoyed a life of luxury , has been trying to buy the house with his own money. Thus, according to TMZ , Kendall would have applied for a mortgage of $ 910,000 and although his mother in documents of purchase, has not made ​​any money.
Kendall Jenner

It is clear that Kendall is the firm steps of his older sisters , Kim, Khloé and Kourtney Kardashian , who is very close. Without going any further , last Saturday was the model of the Bride , along with Kylie Jenner, Kourtney and Khloé , Kim 's wedding with Kanye West in Florence.

Have something to say ? Feedback forum Celebrity Gossip !
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Vetan a Cano Estremera en Colombia

El Chisme de el Cantante Cano Estremera le cancelan cinco espectáculos en el distrito de Juanchito por que alegadamente proferir frases en contra de las mujeres de cali.como ejemplo en sus coros decia a las mujeres de “las casas de pique” de Buenaventura en referencia a ese tipo de casas de mujeres de baja reputacion.

Esto fue debido a una peticion que hiciera la organización Colectivo de la Salsa a la cancillería de Colombia (Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores), para que se le prohibiera a Cano Estremera presentarse en ese país.

Chequea Colombina Actriz Carolina Gomez

Cano Estremera en Colombia

Video de Presentacion de Cano Estremera en Cali,Colombia.

 Umberto Valverde, miembro del Colectivo de la Salsa, organización que impulsó el veto a Estremera luego del incidente en Juanchito informo que:

Ayer (martes) nos dimos cuenta de que se le notificó al artista (Cano Estremera) que no podría realizar cinco presentaciones en Colombia que tenía pautadas para estos días. A los empresarios que estaban a cargo de esas presentaciones también se les notificó que a Cano Estremera no se le iba a otorgar ya más la visa de trabajo en Colombia. Sabemos esto por varias fuentes. Ahora mismo, estamos buscando el documento oficial de la cancillería que establece todo eso. Lo debemos estar teniendo antes de este viernes (mañana)”señalo el escritor colombiano.

El salsero Cano Estremera, por su parte, no ha dado declaraciones. Su esposa y representante, Yamira Arce-Estremera, aclaro que su esposo no desea hablar del asunto.

Chequea Belinda tiene Novio Colombiano

Que piensas tu del salsero Cano Estremera?Esta pasao o durisimo?
No Olvides dejar opinion en hsm love hoy...
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Camina Topless Scouts Willis Por New York En Protesta a Instagram

 La hija de la actriz Demi Moore,Scouts Willis de 27años de edad tiene su forma particular de protestar, cuando algo le disgusta,y lo mostro este pasado Martes mientras hacia unas diligencias al mercado en topless segun mostrara el portal justjared en imagenes que esta publicara en su cuenta de Twitter.

Lo interesante de esto es que Scouts Willis conoce la ley obviamente cuando en la descripcion de la foto escribe el siguiente mensaje:

 Legal en Nueva York pero no en @ instagram, los 22 años de edad, hija de Bruce Willis y Demi Moore subtitula el pic.

Camina Topless Scouts Willis

 Y ademas añade la frase Lo que @ instagram no le permitirá ver # FreeTheNipple.

Te preguntaras cual es la critica que hace la hija de famosos Bruce Willis y Demi Moore,pues sepa que esta protesta por las
 políticas de red social Instagram que dicen: No puedes subir violenta, desnudo, parcialmente desnudo, discriminatorio, ilegal, ilegal, indecente, pornográfico o fotos sexualmente sugestivas o de otros contenidos.

¿QUÉ PIENSAS de las acciones de Scouts Willis en protestar contra Instagram?

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Arrestan Ciego Operaba Punto de Drogas En Puerto Rico

Noticias de Crimenes-Esta noticia puede ser sorprendente segun relata el periodico el nuevo dia informa que el pasado Viernes23 Mayo arrestaran a un hombre no vidente de 59 años, por operar un  punto de drogas en su residencia localizada en el barrio Bauta, del pueblo de Orocovis.
Arrestan Ciego Operaba Punto de Drogas En Puerto Rico

El supervisor de la División encargado,Manuel Rivera informó que el allanamiento se llevo mediante una orden expedida por la jueza Evian Martín, fue efectuado por el agente Abimael Colón, en una vivienda que era utilizada como un punto de venta de sustancias controladas.

Los agentes policiales ocuparon en la residencia 12 bolsitas de marihuana, 56 piezas de material para procesar sustancias controladas y $552, en efectivo.

Los oficiales ademas arrestaron a su esposa de 50 años, así como a un joven de 27 no identificado.
El caso fue visto por la fiscalía el pasado martes 27 para la radicación de los cargos correspondientes.

Que opinion te merece esta nocticia?
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FBI Arrests In Puerto Rico Judge Suspended Manuel Acevedo

A suspended chief judge Manuel Hernández Acevedo , the Court of Aguadilla, was arrested early today by agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation , confirmed the agency spokesman , Moses Quiñones.

The judge was arrested around 5:30 am at his home in Aguadilla and showed no resistance.

" All quiet and under control ," said Quiñones.

He said the indictment is sealed and can not provide details until 11:00 am at a press conference at the U.S. Attorney in Hato Rey . Initially, it had emerged that was under investigation for judicial corruption.

The FBI official explained that this will be the only arrest that made ​​today.
FBI Arrests In Puerto Rico Judge

This newspaper learned that Hernandez Acevedo will be transferred to federal District Court in the morning . He will face his initial hearing before Judge Camille Velez Rivé .

The judge, who was suspended from his job last April amid the federal investigation, is the first detainee from that in August 2013 the FBI created a squad to investigate judicial corruption in the island

This arrest occurs within hours of revelations that the brother of accounting Lutgardo López Acevedo , who shares the same first name , was quoted yesterday before a federal grand jury .

Since April, when FBI agents raided the residence of the judge, it was revealed that federal authorities were investigating him for alleged accounting and judicial corruption.

López Acevedo was charged with negligent homicide , driving while intoxicated and obstructing justice when an accident caused the June 30, 2012 , in which he passed the security guard Felix Babylon. In March 2013 , a judge acquitted him .

Acevedo Lopez was represented by attorney Mayra Lopez Mulero and the district attorney w`as Joseph Esparra .

It was learned that Esparra cooperating with authorities after that in April 2012 , met with López Acevedo and agreed archivarle about Arms Act charges and threat by an incident on August 22, 2012 at a restaurant in Moca, to politically influenced change in order to be confirmed as a district attorney .

López Acevedo himself made ​​a complaint against Esparra by this incident.

In April 2013 , the judge was linked to an incident in which, during a crash , they stopped a car in which he was a passenger . The driver , he said at the time the agent Elvin Soto, the Transit Division Aguadilla, was an employee of Acevedo López who was under the influence of alcoholic beverages .leave a comment at hsm loves it.
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Animador Puertorriqueño Conocido Como 'Mr.Cash' Arrestado Por FBI

El chimes de donde durmio anoche , Mr. Cash, o Josue Carrion?

Segun reporta el periodico el nuevo dia en su edicion digital  Josue Carrion conocido como Mr.Cash paso la noche en la carcel especificamente en el Centro Metropolitano de Detención  en Guaynabo tras ser detenido cuando oficiales del Negociado Federal de Investigaciones FBI lo arrestaran en el aeropuerto Luis Muñoz Marín en posesión de un arma para la cual no tenia consigo la licencia de portación.
Mr.Cash Arrestado

Según una fuente , Carrión llegó a eso de las 8:30 a.m. de ayer miercoles 28 al terminal #2 del reconocido aeropuerto en la isla para tomar un vuelo hacia la ciudad de Nueva York con la linea aérea Delta ,cuando este  se dirigia abordar al avion unos técnicos de la Administración de Seguridad en el Transporte , se percataron este llevaba una cartera de mano donde hallaron el arma.

Al preguntarle por la licencia de portacion de la pistola Kimber calibre .45, Mr Cash,dijo era suya , pero no podía mostrarles evidencia de que tenía licencia de portación. Explicó el capitán García, los oficiales del TSA llamaron a los agentes de la División de Drogas del aeropuerto para que asumieran su custodia.

Ademas el comento el capitán de la policia, García lo siguiente:

“El arma está registrada a su nombre, pero no pudo producir la licencia ni tampoco le informó a la línea aérea que la iba a transportar por lo que fue puesto bajo arresto”, detalló el capitán García a este medio.

Chequea Que Aprendio Mr Cash de su Caso

Lo impactante del caso es el siguiente detalle cuando se le consulta a el fiscal Sergio Rubio Paredes, director de la División de Crimen Organizado del Departamento de Justicia, quien les da intrucciones a los oficiales que lo dejaran viajar pero sin el arma,en ese transcurso de dejarlo libre ,Josue Carrion pierde el vuelo y se queda dando vueltas en el aeropuerto Luis Munoz Marin,En esos instantes,unos agentes del FBI, que también habían sido avisados sobre este caso, lo arrestan para investigarlo y es asi como termina durmiendo en la carcel federal de guaynabo.que les parece amigos....somos o no colonia?

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Velan a Octogenaria Sentada en su Mecedora

En puerto rico es una modalidad el preparar un entierro especial que resalte la voluntad del difunto como lo fue el caso de una mujer de 80 años conocida como Doña Georgina Chervoni Lloren.

 Son velorios que se salen de lo comun..como dirian

'extraordinarios' por la forma en que se preparan y se colocan para que sus familiares y amigos puedan darle su ultimo adios en su partida hacia la eternidad.

Reseñan los periodicos en la isla(Puerto Rico) que la voluntad de la señora era tener un velatorio vestida con su traje de novia y reposando sobre su mecedora o silla de mecer. Ademas en el entorno un ambiente musical de la naturaleza y su almohada y una simulada vegetacion alrededor y un libro.

La progenitora de cinco hijas les habia dicho que deseaba ser velada sentada en su mecedora y así la encontraron sus hijas al llegar hoy a la Funeraria Marín en Hato Rey.
Velan a Octogenaria Sentada en su Mecedora
Pero de donde la Doña Georgina saco esta idea de un velorio fuera de lo comun?

Pues una de sus hijas llamada  Dolores confesó que la idea de su madre fue una imitacion de los otros cinco velorios que se dieron en la Funeraria Marín,como lo fueron: 'el muerto para’o', 'el muerto en motora' y 'el boxeador'.

Otra de sus hijas comento lo siguiente con respecto a esta forma extraordinaria de velatorio a la prensa:

 “Para mí es una alegría. Si la hubiera visto en un ataúd era más fuerte. Así la veo como si estuviera en vida”, dijo Miriam Lamboy Lloren mientras permanecía en una de las tres sala de la funeraria.

Puedes opinar hoy en Hsm love Tv chismes-Que te parece esta forma especial de velatorio..?

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A 5.8 magnitude Quake Struck West of Puerto Rico

A 5.8 magnitude quake struck at 5:15 pm west of the island, according to the Puerto Rico Seismic Network (PRSN ) .

After the earthquake felt in almost all Puerto Rico aftershocks have been recorded , but have not been reported as felt .

There was no warning, tsunami watch or warning for Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands because of trembling PRSN reported on its website .

The quake originated about 36 miles west southwest of Mona Island , at a depth of 57 miles, depending Seismic Network .
 Quake Struck  West of Puerto Rico

The website of the PRSN received many visits was blocked for several minutes, something that has happened in similar situations in the past. But the entity disclosed information to three minutes occurred in his Twitter account . The University of Puerto Rico (UPR ) at Mayagüez , which is attached dependency information shared by Facebook and Twitter.

According PRSN the quake was located at latitude 18.1 and longitude 68.3 with , about 58.4 miles west southwest of Mona Island .

For its part, the United States Geological Survey (USGS , for its acronym in English ) preliminarily indicated that the magnitude of the earthquake was 5.3 but then upgraded the magnitude to 5.8 , as PRSN .

The USGS reported that the quake was felt more event in Boca de Yuma, in the region of La Altragacia in eastern Dominican Republic .

Users of social networks in Puerto Rico react to seismic events and reported having felt mostly in Mayagüez , Aguadilla, Rincon, Rio Grande, Utuado , Moca , Lajas , Loiza , Guayama, Juana Diaz, Bayamon, Manati, Aguas Buenas and Orocovis between other peoples.
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Google Reveals Prototype Vehicle Driving Alone

Technology giant Google first showed a model of autonomous, able to run without being driven by a human , designed by the company and lacks elements such as the steering wheel or the brake and accelerator pedals vehicle.

Until now , Google had always revealed their progress in this type of car in which has been working since several years ago by conventional models adapted to the Google software , so that the vehicles had the same appearance as the cars currently circulating on the road and allowed the passengers to regain control if this was necessary .
 Vehicle Driving Alone

However, the model presented with an entry on the official company blog is designed by Google with the sole purpose of driving alone and that does not in any case conventional management . " ( The autonomous vehicles ) have no steering wheel or throttle or brake pedal ? Because they do not need . Our software and sensors are responsible for all the work ," said project manager of Google autonomous vehicle , Chris Urmson .

The prototype presented by Google is electric , has only two seats, is small and very compact and has a look of the most futuristic . " The vehicles will be very basic , we learn from them and adapt as quickly as possible, but we will go anywhere you want by simply pressing a button," Urmson said.

This starter button , side by side to make an emergency stop , are the only points of physical interaction with the passenger car, which will be controlled from a mobile application where the user will select the final destination. Google , which says it has safety first priority in the design of these models , plans to build a hundred prototypes will begin this summer and be tested , " if all goes well ," the idea of the company is conducting a California pilot program in the coming years .

For about a year, Google other vehicles that drive themselves but accept that a human can take control of them in an emergency , the Lexus RX450h equipped with sensors , have been circulating through the streets of Mountain View (CA . UU . ), where the tech giant is headquartered .

In the distance you have traveled these vehicles to date has always been a human driver sitting behind the wheel , ready to , leaving something wrong, to take control of the car. According to Google , its driverless cars have not experienced any accidents while the vehicle is automatically conducted.
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Cubano Adonis Losada Condenado a 10 años de Prisión Por Pornografía Infantil

Corte de los Estados Unidos-La revista People informo el pasado Viernes que el actor cubano Adonis Losada fue condenado a 10 años de prisión por cargos de pornografía infantil ,en un tribunal de Palm Beach.

Losada interpretaba a una abuelita de medios conocida como 'Doña Concha' en algunos sketches de comedia en el programa Sábado Gigante conducido por Don Francisco.
Adonis Losada Condenado a 10 años de Prisión

Segun cuenta la revista de renombre ,Adonis Losada quien cuenta al presente con 50 años fue arrestado para la fecha del 2009 posterior a una charla con un policía encubierto en un fórum para personas interesadas en tener relaciones carnales con menores de edad.

No solo eso el comediante cubano compartio en ocasiones diferentes imágenes que explicitamente contenian pornografía infantil.

El pasado febrero a Adonis Losada fue encontrado culpable de 50 cargos por pornografía y afrontaba una pena de 50 años de prision.Pero al final, en el juicio del viernes pasado, una jueza del Tribunal de Palm Beach desestimó los cargos, con la excepcion de cuatro cargos por los cuales fue condenado a los 10 años de prision.

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Mexicanos Esperanzados Que el Tri

La Selección Mexicana en las eliminatorias mundialistas,no le fue muy bien que digamos y aun asi los fanaticos de el Tri tienen sus esperanzas puestas en que la seleccion nacional de futbol,la gente vive ilusionada en alcanzar la copa este verano en Brasil 2014 .

 Al llegar a la seleccion nacional su nuevo guia Miguel Herrera ,se realizo una encuesta por la compañia de encuesta Mitofsky y el  80 por ciento de los encuestado  cree que el Tri avanzará a los octavos de final con sólo cuatro puntos en el Grupo A.

Mexicanos Esperanzados

 Otros detalles de la encuesta reflejan lo siguiente:

El 36.7 por ciento cree que el Tri vencera al equipo de Camerún (22.5 dice que se empatará y 11.8 que se perderá), mientras que ante el equipo de Brasil el 34.9 por ciento señala que se perderá (24.8 cree en el empate y sólo 13.8 considera una victoria), ya en el último juego ante Croacia 27.1 por ciento opta por un empate (26.2 opina que será triunfo y sólo el 16.1 vaticina una perdida).

Por ultimo, solo el 5% de los mexicanos considera que su seleccion se lleve la Copa del Mundo, ya que la gran mayoría de los mexicanos encuestados piensa que el lugar del Tri estara entre los puestos 13 ó 14.

Que piensas tu del desempeño de la seleccion nacional de futbol de Mexico_Que puesto llegara en la Copa del Mundo 2014 en Brasil?
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Vanessa Arias Muestra su Habilidad en Clavados

El articulo sobre las vacaciones de la actriz Vanessa Arias,rapidamente los medios informativos y fuentes que se dedican a el espectaculo han capturado el momento en que esta disfrutaba de la piscina en su estadia en un fabuloso hotel de Cancún, en Quintana Roo.

Chequea Niurka Marcos Abandono Obra Teatral

Una de las fuentes que inmediatamente dio a conocer la noticia de entretenimiento lo fue la Revista TV Notas publicando las imagenes sexy de la actriz,Vanessa Arias de la Novela 'Abismo de Pasión'.

La chica vestia un excelente estilizado bikini con straples floreado el cual en el momento en que esta atrevida chica hizo un clavado llamando la atencion de los presentes.

Chequea detalles de actriz Mayrin Villanueva
Vanessa Arias Muestra su Habilidad

Pero la nota sobresaliente del dia fue cuando Vanessa Arias golpea el agua en la piscina al entrar al agua causando que el agua salpicara a los presentes de acuerdo a la informa una fuente de espectaculo.

Puedes opinar hoy en Hsm love Tv chismes-Que te parece opina en el articulo,la habilidad en Clavados de Vanessa Arias?
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Maribel Guardia Cumple 54 Años Luciendo Regia

Maribel Guardia, quien ha desarrollado su exitosa carrera en México, celebrará este proximo dia 29 de mayo su cumpleaños 54, entre sus nuevos proyectos esta el debut  de la obra de teatro 'Tres Parejas Disparejas'.

Esta obra teatral será dirigida por Alejandro Herrera contará ademas con la participación de actores tales como Andrés García, Gabriel Soto, Arturo Carmona, Malillany Marín, Benito Castro y Daviani Rivero, y esta  como tema central expone el caso de tres parejas cuyas vidas están a punto de cambiar debido a un embarazo inesperado.

Como dato curioso la cantante participó en una campaña a favor de la lactancia auspiciada por el gobierno del Distrito Federal.

Como datos biograficos de 'Maribel Guardia' estan los siguientes:
Su nombre real de la actriz Maribel de Rocío Fernández García, , nace en San José, Costa Rica, el 29 de mayo de 1960, sus padres son  Álvaro Fernández Jiménez y Rita García Mora.

En plena juventudad y abrigando grandes sueños Maribel Guardia de Rocio a 17 años inicia su carrera como modelo cuando es parte del  certamen de Miss Costa Rica, donde salió ganadora de cetro y, representa a su país en el 1978en el concurso internacional Miss Universo, que se celebroen Acapulco, México, ganando el título de Miss Fotogénica.

Hasta el presente esta actriz ha alcanzado grandes logros ademas de una gran multitud de admiradores atraves del edad no define lo hermosa que es,,,y que cualquiera chica mas joven envidiaria.

Puedes opinar hoy en Hsm love Tv chismes
-Que te parece Maribel Guardia a sus 54 años de edad_?
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Exitosa en Baile Venezolana Marjorie de Sousa

Marjorie de Sousa podría abandonar 'Perfume de Gardenia'

La actriz y bailarina Venezolana participo en el programa 'Mira Quién Baila' y en el espectáculo mexicano 'Perfume de Gardenia'.

La participacion sinigual de la actriz Marjorie de Sousa en 'Perfume de Gardenia' fue espectacular y fue reseñada en multiples medios de prensa y television.
 Baile Venezolana Marjorie de Sousa

La guapa venezolana participo de esta obra de teatro antes de entrar en la competencia de baile de la cadena Univision de los estados unidos,pero no sin antes deleitar al publico mexicano con sus incantantos y talentos.

Chequea Marjorie de Sousa negar Rumor

Sin duda en esa obra teatral la venezolana Marjorie de Sousa puso la ganas y gracias en el escenario con sus coquetos pasos de baile.Entre el sinumero de atuendos de la puesta en escena 'Perfume de Gardenia', Marjorie de Sousa deslumbro como toda una estrella.

Lo hizo con muchas garras con un rostro sonriente y disfrutandose cada paso de baile en escena y asi el publico en ese entonces lo sintio.

Marjorie de Sousa Interpreto con grades puntuaciones asi como lo hizo en concurso de baile 'Mira Quien Baila 'el papel de 'Gardenia Peralta'.

Al finalizar la misma al igual que esta el publico agradecido la lleno de aplausos sonoros,bien merecidos..Igual en Mira quien baila.

Que piensas tu del desempeño de Marjorie de Sousa en 'Perfume de Gardenia' como en 'Mira Quien Baila'_?
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Names Prohibited for Registration Under Puerto Rican Laws

Mula names or Lucifer when enrolling a child in Puerto Rico is not allowed .

Laws on the island will prevent parents put their children improper or extravagant names
And is that the laws governing the Demographic Registry on the island will prevent parents put their children unfit , extravagant or animal names. This is contrary to what happens in the Dominican Republic where it is common to find a man called Datsun , Michael Jackson, or Mamertus Cricasio .

However, in Puerto Rico Law 24 of 22 April 1931 states that " the registrar shall not register or extravagant names of animals or in any way improper or allowed people to become surnames known names such as " .

But this last line , converting known names in names, Executive Director of Demographic Registry , Nancy Vega, said that may be exceptions.

Names Prohibited for Registration Under Puerto Rican Laws

She said putting on or Muñiz Rodríguez name a child could spend the lattice of the law according to the subjectivity of the registrar. " Because they can not be offensive or inappropriate for the register ," she said .

She said that today extravagant or improper names are unusual , but two names grafts , resulting in something almost unpronounceable . There are Alaishamarie , Anhexiomarys , Elishneyska , Italy and African girls. For males between the rarities are Jacobantonio , Jakziel or Jameyshakaliz .

"Our experience - in terms of the names - is that we have not seen very quirky names but by complex combinations that make the name of father and mother ," she said .

But if a parent came with the direct intention of placing his son a misnomer , is a wall in the recorder of Demographic Registry by Law 24 .

" I understand that the purpose of the law is that it protects the child that has no name then bring him negative and especially with both bullying consequences. The child is not the subject of ridicule , " Vega said.

In this line , the register may refuse to register a child if the parents do not agree on a suitable name , so that the matter could reach the courts, Vega said.

"We as Demographic Registry Act have the authority to require information necessary for registration and that obviously includes the name, which should be appropriate . We need to protect the child , "said the official.

Know that ...

In 2013 there were 36,544 births registered .
In 2012 there were 38,974 .
In 2011 41,131 were recorded .Dont forget leave a comment hsm loves it.
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Puerto Rican Lawyer Among those arrested for Trafficking Heroin

Federal agencies issued arrest warrants against a lawyer and 18 others Tuesday for trafficking heroin from Colombia and Venezuela to Puerto Rico .

The chief federal prosecutor , Rosa Emilia Rodriguez announced in a press release that a grand jury issued an indictment against 19 people for conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute controlled substances, specifically heroin, and money laundering .
Federal agencies arrests

The defendants are the lawyer Sariann "Sara" Maldonado Ramos and her husband Luis Medina Chavez, Hernando " Nando " Echeverri Marín , Ricardo " Ricky" Rivera Torres , Armando Rivera Ortiz, Yarimar " Aunt " Mercado Rodriguez , Rodolfo " Big Daddy " Reyes Santana Carlos Fernando Saavedra Potes, Reinel Manuel Martínez Salas, known as Chinese; Christian Luis Martínez Robles, Eduardo Rafael " Namesake " Field Carvajalino , Lucy Stella " Flaca " Gómez Lopera, Jaime Ernesto " Giggles " Gómez Montoya , Jannette Saavedra Echevarría , Jorge " Maracucho " Achilles Vega Berrios , Gavazno Paula Andrea Ruiz, Nilson Aristizabal Tezna , Jannette Saavedra Echevarría , José Luis Castro Delgado and Erika Casillas Bonet.

According to the indictment since August 2013 , the events occurred between August 2012 and April 2013 , when the alleged leader of the organization, Marin Echeverri , from Colombia communicated with the defendants in Puerto Rico today to coordinate the importation , transportation and distribution of heroin to the island

Some acted as messengers and traveled to Venezuela to meet with luggage that provided them with heroin hidden inside . Others were in Colombia and were responsible for preparing and hide heroin in suitcases, which were transported from Colombia to Venezuela and there he gave the messengers or " mules" .

Some defendants transported and delivered the drug gain from Puerto Rico to Venezuela . Heroin also sent by mail.

According to the indictment , it was clarified that the role of Ramos Maldonado , Medina Chavez, Saavedra Echevarría and Aristizabal Tezna it was electronically send and receive money from the illegal drug trade , but they were not part of the organization and thus concealed the origin of where the money came from .

Ten of the defendants are in Colombia , nine on the island this morning managed to arrest seven , and when failure to arrest Reyes Santana and Rodriguez Market, as reported .

The seven arrested were brought to the Federal Court of Hato Rey before Judge Silvia Carreño Coll , who granted bail Maldonado Ramos , Medina Chavez, Saavedra Echevarría and Casillas Bonet. They imposed a $ 2,500 secured bond and another portion uninsured - who do not have to pay unless they comply with the conditions of bail , $ 2,500. They will have five days to pay the secured portion.

Meanwhile, Torres Rivera, Castro Delgado and Rivera Ortiz be detained at the Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC , for its acronym in English) in Guaynabo, until arraignment and bail hearing , scheduled for May 30 in the case Torres Rivera and Castro Delgado, while Rivera Ortiz will be on June 5 .

"These allegations show that the Department of Justice is committed to arresting drug traffickers responsible for import drugs into the United States, no matter where they conduct their illegal business ," Rodriguez said, noting that the prosecutor is Elba Gorbea said.

The case was investigated by the Federal Bureau of Drug Enforcement Administration ( DEA ), Office of Homeland Security Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE ), the Department of the Treasury ( IRS) and the Office of Inspector General of the Postal Service .

" The DEA will continue to investigate and dismantle drug trafficking organizations operating from Colombia and Venezuela to Puerto Rico using point to get narcotics into the United States," said the agent in charge of the DEA in the Caribbean, Vito Guarino .

If convicted , the defendants face a minimum sentence of 10 years to life imprisonment.

Court Administration clarifies information

Meanwhile , contrary to reports preliminary , interim administrative director of the Office of Court Administration (OAT ) , Wanda Santiago Rocha denied that an accused in the federal operation was the daughter of the chief judge of Arecibo , Angel Saavedra of Jesus as learned this morning.

Santiago Rocha said that as soon this information was published , Jesus Saavedra contacted her to inform " the falsity of it and emphasize that there is no relationship with the accused ."
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Beautifull Flamingo disappears from Camuy, Puerto Rico

Just as he arrived, he was gone. Mysteriously, after more than five years in the area , flamenco had done a few charchas in the La Bajura Camuy home, left the place .

About two weeks ago that left residents of the coastal town of seeing the pink animal in the Rock Beach Amador.

Beautifull Flamingo disappears

" For five years , God gave the joy of living with camuyano flamenco and now it was time to migrate to other horizons for their survival. Us hope that one day return to his people, but no matter what place always go will be called 'The Flamingo of Camuy ,' " reads a written by Bernie Beltran in his blog post .

There have been several theories that have been outlined on the departure of the individual resident . Some say it was the lack of food as the charchas in which he lived, and which obtained its food , dried by the lack of rain earlier in the year .

Others indicate that the Department of Natural and Environmental Resources ( DNER ) took it , which was denied by the agency spokeswoman , Carmen Milagros Diaz.

In social networks farewell messages abound in flamenco , which became a symbol of the village. Meanwhile, others seek to track the bird and say simply moved to Dorado.

Flamenco was first seen in January 2009 ; since remained in camuyana coast. The bird became something of a tourist attraction in the Romantic City municipal administration and even the photos used in promotions .
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White shark Wakes Curiosities on Twitter

Katharine is 14 feet long and weighs a ton, and is followed by Internet
Approaching the coast of Florida of a great white shark being monitored because it takes a GPS device attached to the flap is raising more excitement than fear.
Check out Shark Attack 22 old Man

White shark Wakes Curiosities

Nicknamed Katharine, 14 feet long and one-ton shark movements can be tracked on the Internet thanks to the researchers had attached him in August 2013 GPS to track your movements and study their habits.

@ Shark_Katharine the social network has thousands of Twitter followers and get encouragement with the tag # GoKatGo.

Check Out Second Part of Sharknado

Katharine was last month off the coast of Georgia, before traveling south to close to less than two miles from Miami Beach.
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Muere Camello Mas Viejo del Mundo

El articulo del considerado como el camello más viejo del universo en cautividad, un ejemplar hembra de 38 años, ha muerto en un zoo de la capital nipona de Yokohama(emporio del país), informó actualmente la web  Nhk. El animal, un camello oriental o bactriano, era conocido con el renombre de Tsugaru.

Se cree que el ejemplar nació en una vaquería de la prefectura de Aomori (norte de Japón) cerca de 1976, por lo que en años humanos serian unos 120. Tsugaru fue trasladada al zoo de Nogeyama, de Yokohama, en diciembre de 1982 y se convirtió en uno de los animales más admirados del parque. La perspectiva de vida de este tipo de camellos está alrededor de los 25 años.
Muere Camello Mas Viejo del Mundo

Antes que Tsugaru se sabe de un ejemplar en cautividad en el Reino Unido que vivió incluso  36 años, una leyenda que el camello recién fallecido alcanzó en año 2011. El personal del zoo de Nogeyama explicó que el animal perdió repentinamente el apetito el pasado viernes por la alba y que falleció durante el weekend.

Hace 10 años Tsugaru desarrolló artritis en una de sus patas, lo que obligaba al animal a correr la mayor parte del tiempo tumbado, pero su vitalidad se mantuvo en magnífico estado aun poco antes de su muerte. El zoológico ha reanimado un altar adonde los visitantes podrán desamparar floras para Tsugaru inclusive el contiguo 20 de junio.
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Jasmin Walia Atrevida Moda En su Cumpleaños en Ibiza

El verano a la vuelta de la esquina y muchas de las famosas aprovechan para lucir su esbelta figura en sendos trajes de baños que resaltan cada centimetro de su piel asi fue el casoJasmin Walia quien en su celebracion de su cumpleaños número 24 tiro tremenda fiesta de bikini salvajes en Ibiza este pasado viernes .

La chica de Essex se dejo su  pelo suelto en el lujoso Beach Ocean , un lugar frente a la playa popular para aquellos que buscan experimentar una atmósfera bulliciosa del club durante el día.

Jasmin mostró sus curvas mientras retozaba en la gran piscina al aire libre con un grupo de amigos femeninos.en un llamativo bikini de color rosa neón y naranja , que sensualmente lucia .

Jasmin Walia Atrevida Moda

Evidentemente dispuesta a celebrar su cumpleaños a su  estilo , la estrella de piel caramelo estaba de buen humor y con frecuencia estaba en el centro de la acción cuando el alcohol fluia a través del curso del día.

En un momento dado Jasmin se agachó y una amiga le dio un beso en una de las nachas expuestas mientras  inclinó para recuperar algo del suelo .

La cumpleañera hablaba con el amigo mientras en gratitud le vertian la bebida por su garganta.

Jasmin mas tarde se puso un par de pantalones cortos de mezclilla recortados mientras descansaba un rato en uno de los numerosos asientos acolchados que rodean la piscina , mientras observaba su teléfono para los mensajes.

Walia Atrevida Moda En su Cumpleaños en Ibiza

La personalidad de la televisión también se presentó con champán y una pequeña torta completa con una depuración decorativo cumpleaños.

Jasmin estaba en buena forma después de haber llegado a Ibiza con su círculo de amigos el día anterior tuitea : ' Aterrizó en Ibiza ! Que comience la locura celebraciones comienza bday ahora . Amar @ Hotel OceanBeachIbiza ya .

Puedes opinar hoy en Hsm love Tv chismes-Te parece un tanto atrevida el traje de baño de Jasmin Walia en su Cumpleaños_?
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Muestran a Frida Sofía al natural y fumando Cannabis

La Cosa se calienta este verano con los rumores y chismes de la farandula en esta oportunidad sale la noticia y en chisme en Tv y Novelas sobre la vida de la hija de la cantante mexicana Alejandra Guzman,segun explicitamente dicen que alegadamente y supuestamente y cito:
Frida Sofía de playa

"A nuestra redacción llegaron estas reveladoras imágenes en las que Frida Sofía, hija de la cantante mexicana Alejandra Guzmán, relajada y sin inhibiciones al fumar en el lujoso departamento en Miami, Florida,donde vive hace 5 años. / Por Fabián Elizarrarás.'

Cosa que puede sorprender o no a los seguidores de la famosa cantante mexicana..el cambio en direccion y la independencia heredada por la 'chava ' quien como pudieron leer la nota de Tv y Novelas ,esta vive en,Miami.

 Frida Sofía al natural

El nombre de la hija de la Guzman,Frida Sofía, que cuenta con 22 años, y estudia  la carrera de Mercadotecnia de Modas en el Art Institite de Miami.En el apartamento que posee su mama  en Collins, particular  de Miami Beach, en Florida.

Segun alegan los reporteros de Tv Y Novelas ,la joven en unas de las imagnes esta preparando un cigarillo de marihuana como' Dios la trajoa al mundo' o en' traje de eva'.

Ademas estos alegan segun una fuente de informacion de la revista y cito :
"Frida consume el equivalente a una bolsita de sándwich en un fin de semana..."
Puedes opinar hoy en Hsm love Tv chismes-
Que te parece esa revelacion de un informante de la Revista Tv y Novelas? Tu crees que lo que se ve que  Frida Sofía enrolar en la imagen es Cannabis sativa?

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Justin Bieber Postea Clip Nueva Cancion En Instagram-Escuchala Aqui!

Cosas de los famosos como el cantante Justin Bieber quien compartió una vista previa de una nueva canción emotiva en su Instagram ayer sábado 24 .Acompanado con la siguiente descripcion:

El joven interprete musical, entona la frase:"Usted sabe exactamente qué hacer maltratarme", .

Chequea a Justin Bieber Junto a Kendall Jenner

Justin Bieber Postea Clip

Justin Bieber publicó un selfie de sí mismo con un sombrero de ala ancha ese mismo dia con la nota que decia:

"Buenos días", que subtituló la foto.

Ademas siguio en promocion en las redes sociales , pues hizo alarde de sus abdominales  mientras tomaba el sol en un yate en Monte Carlo, Mónaco.

Chequea Mensaje Romantico de Selena  gomez a Justin Bieber
Puedes opinar hoy en Hsm love Tv chismes

....Que te parece este clip musical de Justin?
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Eva Longoria Se Ejercita Con Su Novio José

La actriz Eva Longoria fue cachada en vestimenta casual  mientras iba en camino a abastecerse de alimentos en los pabellones, el sábado 24 en Malibú, California
Chequea Comparten Eva Longoria y Serena Williams

El día anterior, la guapa actriz de 39 años de edad,y su novio José Antonio Baston hicieron algunas compras junto en Room At the Beach Store, donde fue visto llevando una caja de teléfono con una imagen de sí misma y José .
Eva Longoria Se Ejercita

Chequea Arriesgado Vestido de Eva Longoria

Eva y José fueron vistos salir a correr por el barrio juntos en esa manana.

Como parte de sus actividades o compromisos la longoria viste de color rosa, mientras va a una  cena en Mr. Chow en area de Beverly Hills.

Que piensas tu de la nueva relacion amorosa de Eva Longoria y José Antonio Baston?
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Hilary Duff Anuncia Nuevo Album En Twitter

Interesante la actividad diaria de las famosas figuras del arte en hollywood en este caso Hilary Duff mostro sus cuerpo definido y esbelto cuando salia de su automovil camino al gimnacio el pasado viernes 23 en el  West Hollywood, Calif.
Hilary Duff Anuncia Nuevo Album

La cantante ha estado trabajando ademas arduamente en la produccion de un nuevo proyecto musical y asi lo dio a conocer a todos en su cuenta de Twitter y cito:.

Saber que ustedes piensan en mi a diario ,me hace sentir especial.Estoy trabajando duro en mi nuevo album! espero hacerlo  orgullosos!!!!!Hilary twiteo.

Como datos curioso y nota informativa podemos ver a  Hilary manteniendose hidratada mientras se dirigia a una oficina de terapia en los Angeles.

Que te parece el cuerpo definido de Hilary Duff?
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Why Puerto Rico Protest against company Monsanto

A group of organizations who apply for food sovereignty and an end to experimentation with plant seeds this afternoon marched from the Peace Pavilion Luis Muñoz Rivera Park in San Juan, to the Capitol to protest the risks posed by Genetically modified food  produced by the multinational Company Monsanto.

The lively march, which came out around 2:00 pm , occurred in the context of activities that took place in various cities around the world against Genetically modified food giant .
 Protest against  company Monsanto

"This march is a blunt repudiation of Monsanto and the biotechnology industry that constantly experimenting with foods that we eat . 's Common knowledge that not only Monsanto but other seed companies like Pioneer and Syngenta, are present in Puerto Rico and experience all day in our agricultural land that have the potential to be used to produce food , "said Jesus Vazquez Negron, spokesperson for the group that organized the protest , Santo Nothing About Monsanto.

GM foods are those that have been produced from a genetically engineered organism and that have been incorporated genes from another organism to produce specific characteristics.

In the activity, which brought 150 to 200 people , the approval of Senate Bill 524 would require that all food prepared or processed with genetic engineering in Puerto Rico to be labeled as such were also asked .

Whats yours thoughts about Genetically modified food..let us know
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Real Madrid win their tenth European Crown

Champions league finale - Real Madrid today won his tenth coveted European crown by beating Atletico Madrid 4-1 in the final of the Champions League .

Sergio Ramos equalized for Madrid in the supplement, and Gareth Bale scored the winner in the 110 to an athlete who was a moment to lift their first trophy of the European Cup . Marcelo and Cristiano Ronaldo, criminal , sentenced in the last three minutes.

Madrid won their first European Cup since 2002.
European Cup winner Cristiano Ronaldo

Uruguay's Diego Godin scored for Atletico in the 36th minute , helped Real Madrid goalkeeper Iker Casillas erred meet halfway when it came to cutting the ball.

Atletico looking for a historic double for the institution, after winning the Spanish league last week in the last round of the championship .

Diego Simeone , Atletico coach , opted to challenge the striker Diego Costa , but the Spanish-Brazilian showed that he was not recovered from a thigh injury and lasted just nine minutes on the court.

The Atletico also without Arda Turan Turkish flyer , who was not even on the bench while the helmsman Madrid by Carlo Ancelotti did not have central Pepe , replaced by Raphael Varane .

Whats was your favorite in this Champions league finale..
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Movie Trailer Debuts of Clouds of Sils Maria

 Tv espectaculos-Juliette Binoche and  Kristen Stewart are more than simple friends In the new cinematographic film "Clouds of Sils Maria."

  Stewart plays Valentine, the wizard of aging film star, Maria Enders, played by Juliette Binoche.

Enders is set to play in a new production of the film in which he became famous. But the role played originally going to a movie star 17-year-old up-and-coming Jo-Ann Ellis, as Chloe Moretz.
 Clouds of Sils Maria

As Ellis wraps increasingly with Enders, Valentine begins to feel jealous of their friendship.

Check Britney Spears

Valentine and Mary retire to the Swiss town of Sils Maria, and the wizard tries to seduce her boss, with mixed results.

   In one scene in the trailer, Mary enters the room to see Stewart lying on a bed in a thong.

This film, which premieres at Cannes, is not yet known when the release date will be. Here the Movie Trailer of "Clouds of Sils Maria."

What do you think of this movie trailer that catches your attention
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Are Dancing with the Stars Season 18 Winners Dating?

  Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Meryl Davis champs of Dancing with the Stars  has started a huge amount of sentiment bits of gossip however the inquiry still remains would they say they are really a thing off the move floor?

At the point when the pair was put on the spot Thursday by moderator Wendy Williams they got to be marginally bothered.

Williams initially inquired as to whether they were "smushing" trailed by "Are y'all sweetheart and mate, or sweethearts or anything?"

"We're not dating, no," Davis replied.

 Williams kept on pressing the issue by inquiring as to whether she has a sweetheart?

Sources let us know Weekly after the accomplices enormous win that a sentiment was to be sure fermenting between them.

Chmerkovskiy's sibling Val let us know Weekly at the show's finale that Maks "cherishes her most likely more than I've seen him adore an alternate lady, he adores and worships her, however its similar to a King Kong kind of relationship."

 "He unquestionably adores her, and I know she cherishes him back," Val added to Us.

Davis and Chmerkovskiy stepped our for supper with ten companions at New York's City's TAO downtown resturant Thursday to keep commending their huge moving win.

A passerby uncovered to the mag that they were "super tricky feely."

 "He had his arm around her waist and shoulders a ton."

"They had an incredible time (in NYC) " said a source .

"Maks is that loving with all ladies. He generally acts like that, its the manner by which he is, extremely tricky feely. He truly loves her however it is not dating yet."

Video at Wendy Williams Talk Show:

What do you think they had a love realationship?
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