Lady Gaga and Lohan Partying

Lady Gaga and Lindsay Lohan enjoyed a great time at the Chateau Marmont, located in West Hollywood (Los Angeles). They drank, smoked, danced, laughed ... and hung up the evidence of their exploits on Twitter.

Lilo and Gaga posed with the photographer Ellen von Unwerth, another usual crazy partying. Their strange faces the betrayed: borrachísimas were!

[And also ... Have you tweaked the lips Lady Gaga?]

Anyway, Lindsay tries to make us believe that a woman is restored to their addictions. But their companies are not dangerous?

"They watched old movies and had fun with board games at a pajama party. The three had dinner on Tuesday night in the garden of the Chateau and then got into the room," a source told the website X17 Online.

Displaying his sense of humor, tuiteaba Gaga: "@ lindsaylohan When asked a cucumber and a knife in the bar, I thought you were going to perform a vasectomy."
Lady Gaga and Lohan Partying
The eccentric artists also share his love of collagen and Chanel dresses. How long will last this exultant complicity?Place your bets