A Couple that promotes Marriage as a Company

A couple Costa Rican North Carolina argues that marriage is the "business" more major life through his book "10 Rules of the Game", which provides solutions to common problems of coexistence.

Otárola Xinia Lawrence and have been married for twenty-seven years, the last 17 in North Carolina, where they raised their three children, and directs the International Center for Leadership Development and the Family, a non-profit organization.

The pair gives talks in several countries in Latin America, producing radio and television programs with the aim of rescuing the distorted image of marriage and try to eradicate the "epidemic" of divorce and disintegration world of Hispanic families.

Couple promotes marriage

"If we give proper place to the emotions, passion, romance, and marriage began to see more as a life project that requires dedication, hard work and, above all, a set of principles and knowledge that allow us to function better in daily life, things will go much better, "said Lawrence Otárola Efe.

The Costa Rican says that the concept of marriage as a business is not new, and that for centuries these unions were arranged between families gifted, they were "economic transactions", which were the initial investment partner to start the project life called "marriage ".

"Then came the sexual revolution of the late sixties and the pendulum swung to the other extreme, when the emphasis was more passion, love and desire. Over time we realized that this model has not result because of family crisis, divorce, and children without parents, have taken alarming proportions, "he said.

Among the rules that Otárola marriage poses to take forward are: see marriage as a contract, having the values ​​as the fuel that drives it, the need to cut the umbilical cord, and being an indivisible team and complement each other.

Also keep leadership in the management team, influences, recognize disabilities, form the legacy for future generations and to recognize that marriage is three: husband, wife and God.

The book also exposes the risk factors that often lead to divorce explains the "rules" that will help successfully manage the "enterprise" and raises the key pillars to vitalize the union.

"If you follow these principles is not likely to fail," said the Costa Rican, with an MA in Leadership and Organizational Change. "Home is the factory which produces both men and women as well as evil."

He explains that when Hispanics leave their countries to the U.S. in search of a better life for their families separation starts, since adaptation to a new culture, work pressures, schedules, gap between parents and children, language, and immigration status negatively influence the core family.

"Something is going wrong and there we return to our concept, a change in perception about marriage will produce a domino effect, prompting step changes in our value system," he said.

To Xinia Otárola, the woman who is a wife and mother is an "entrepreneur" in nature, as each day is leading operations and details of the home, which demands a "unique skill set".

"Not only the ability to do multiple tasks at once and ensure that everything runs smoothly and on time. Yeah it need not be an entrepreneur, then what" he asked.

"In the most important business of life requires skill and creative talent of a woman, full of life and strength to keep it afloat and advance. There is much we can and should contribute to the company of marriage, so we have to develop , refine, and enhance those skills, "he added.

The Otárola preparing his second book, "Partners for Life", dedicated to singles, which offers tips to choose the best partner and "partner" fit for life, and how to become a person sought.

"We're not teaching kids to choose their partners, who are driven by butterflies in the stomach, without analyzing the character and personality traits of the other person, or the compatibility that exists," said Lawrence.

The book, the "10 Rules of the Game: Marriage, Business of Life" will be published in the summer in English and Spanish version sold by Amazon.