Distanced Jaime Mayol and Ximena Navarrete

Physical distance and busy schedules of work each impacted the romantic relationship between Jaime Mayol Puerto Rican entertainer and former Miss Universe Mexican Ximena Navarrete to the point that now are "spaced".

"It is true that they are estranged. During the recordings Idol auditions Puerto Rico, earlier this week, Jaime talked to me and told me that the work commitments of both have increased the distance between them, "he told Primera Hora Elizabeth Sanchez, Mayol relations person. "This does not mean that the situation between them changes later on."
Jaime Mayol and Ximena

It may be recalled that during the past weeks Jaime Mayol was traveling continuously between Puerto Rico, which encourages the "Stay close to noon" WAPA TV, and Colombia where he was hired to encourage production "Dare to sing" for RCN Television.

Meanwhile, Ximena Navarrete is immersed in the recordings of the soap opera "The Tempest", his first starring role in the stellar shared Most Valuable heartthrob of Latin America, William Levy. This production is made in Mexico, Televisa, one of the most powerful television networks in Latin America and the world.