Dulce Maria has a New Boyfriend

 Hoy en all the kardashians-Dulce Maria confessed that singleness and left aside and is very happy, as People reported the site in Spanish.

"I have a boyfriend and I'm living a pretty stage," said the singer. "After many years of only devote to work, now I have shared other things with someone who is not in the middle".
Dulce Maria has a New Boyfriend

In Sweet's love life have been paraded several celebrities like former RBD Alfonso Herrera, the Mexican National Team goalkeeper Memo Ochoa and actor Paul Lyle. Her most recent relationship was with businessman Luis Rodrigo Reyes.

Dulce Maria has not wanted to give details of her new beau and prefer to talk about her second solo album.

"I was writing as a year for this record; come with my own compositions, dreamy and more realistic but fun," Sweet said. "It's an album with musical proposal, will include Mexican sounds to my audience in Latin America, [there will be] a song in Portuguese. I hope that in late summer and can hear something. "

Dulce Maria is nominated for Premios Juventud into four categories: Catchiest, My Favorite Video, My Artist Pop and My Ringtone.