Eiza Gonzalez talks about his fight with Belinda

Hsm Online tv espectaculos-The rivalry between Eiza Gonzalez and Belinda continues to talk about. After pop stars fought through Twitter and even their fans have to decide whose side they were, Eiza broke the silence and said what he thought.

Eiza Gonzalez talks
Although the singers repeatedly have said that there is no rivalry and that you want the best, his actions say the same.

Eiza spoke with the program today and gave his thoughts on the fight they had on Twitter.

"I have nothing to talk about that kind of thing, but ... nonsense. Each his own, happy and content and work, right? All the time work more, earn our place, everyone have their own and be happy with who we are, so that everyone has and now, "said the singer.

It all started when Eiza Gonzalez shared a photo via Twitter using her new jacket and wrote "McQueen love, my new baby."
Eiza Gonzalez talks about

Apparently, when he saw the picture Belinda wanted to let the whole world know that she also has that jacket and more. So two hours later, Belinda shared a video showing his clothes and asked her fans to help decide which jacket to wear, if a McQueen (the same Eiza) or Moschino.

When Eiza found out, he simply wrote: "So and more aware of what I do? Hahahaha # FUNNY ".

To which Belinda replied, "As you come, I already went, di 3 laps back."

Although that never mention who they dedicated the messages, his followers began to defend his favorite thus causing an exchange of insults among fans.

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