Fatal Blondes Showbiz Celebrities

Fatal Blondes showbiz!
These celebrities have lived deluded with the idea that blondes look good and the cruel reality is another. Which of them looks worse?
Beyoncé? Do not know you should choose two shades lighter than your natural hair color to avoid and was not bleached almost white mane see? Someone tell that.
The 'Spring Breaker' broke our hearts to see these "oxygenates" hairs that took away all its charm to women. Do you like how it looks like Vanessa Hudgens?

Fatal Blondes Showbiz Celebrities

Her slim figure and platinum hair of Victoria Beckham made ​​a skull. Until we find it strange that while designer has chosen this tone is not going to anything to his hair or his tan skin color.

Miley, tell us what you brag with your blonde hair and we will tell you lack of beauty with her. If you want you can return to your hair coffee with you looked more beautiful.

Miley Cyrus blonde

Today on Hsm Online tv espectaculos-Do not panic because it is not ghost, it is only with his unflattering Anne Hathaway "güera am now." For us we do not like.
Anne Hathaway blonde

Do not panic!, Believe us we too espantamos to see the tangled and blonde "matted" of Minaj. Instead of the woman wrist seems scarecrow.

Minaj.blonde hair

Emma Stone is super 'hot' with reddish hair, but mega cool with her ​​blond hair, so white that it is, this tone makes her look very pale.

Emma Stone blonde

Kim Kardashian blonde

Good thing it was just a wig! Because definitely be güera not going to Kim.

Terrible shock that we get to see Lindsay Lohan when güera redhead changed. If you looked like a ghost out of the worst horror movie.

Lindsay Lohan blonde

Rihanna was very proud with their "oxygenated" hair when it was actually disappointed because of its appalling 'look'. Do you think he deserved a good grade?Nope!

Rihanna blonde

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