Lady Gaga Creates a Wig with Lighting

The singer,Lady Gaga known beyond for his songs for eccentricity with dressing, collaborated with the creative team of signature 'Haus of Gaga' for six months to create that very special piece for which was inspired by the Disney princesses-Snow White , Cinderella, 'Beauty and the Beast', the Little Mermaid and Rapunzel.

Each party attending a 'rave' (shows that stretch for nights, with sets of lights, celebrated in places and where there is frequent drug use).

"Hello everyone.'m Lady Gaga. Them wanted to show one of the new inventions of Haus of Gaga. Wig is handmade by Frederic aspire.'s An innovation in six months we worked and we came both Frederic, as Tara (his official makeup artist) and me and my friend Chris ".

Lady Gaga Creates a Wig with Lighting
"We will illuminate for you to see.'s Made of human hair and finest hairs existing optical fiber, which move and seem real hair.'s Piece is the result of taking a Disney princess and put her in a rave "she said in a video artist who hung on his website

The wig is also designed for the controversial American can wear it in their live concerts, as it can connect to the general picture and lighting on and off as sound or music.

"You can connect to the lighting of my show and my lighting designer's control," she added.
Lady Gaga's creativity has no limits and has announced that it will release their new album 'ARTPOP' through a mobile application in addition to conventional distribution channels. The album was published in 2013 and according to the star promises, represents an unprecedented innovation.

"I'm excited to be able to say that ARTPOP multimedia experience that will have various forms. And best for fully be immersed in it through the mobile application. Shall be compatible with all platforms and fully interactive. Include movie content on my songs, games, fashion and much more, "Lady Gaga revealed.