Maripily wants to be the villain

Throughout his career of 16 years, we have seen modeling, animating television shows and steal the attention of thousands of fans on their performance as a dancer on the reality Come Dancing. Now it is the turn to acting.

For this new facet, as part of its preparation, Maripily working with his accent as part of the requirements for work abroad.

"I'm getting ready to act. I am preparing with my accent, to be neutral and all because we Puerto Ricans do have the accent well marked with the 'r' "says the businesswoman also through a photo shoot to announce the new collection sports wear line Pompis Store.

The question whether there is any specific project, says it has several offers on the table, including "a novel, as well as a leading role in a play in Miami, which the paper had it to Aylin Mujica and commitments that have Aylin Mujica with novels, then, it was offered to me and we're thinking. "

Maripily ensures that the role most enjoy performing would be to villain. "I like bad roles of villain. I understand that the role of good to me not going, "he says, laughing. And to mention actors I would like to share some role, responds that "if it comes to film, I would like to put me to Dwayne Johnson. Oh my God! A bad paper with Dwayne Johnson ... I die! He loves me very much. "

Maripily wants to be the villain
Also, he would like to work with "William Levy, who is beautiful, one Eduardo Yáñez, which I also love very much and do not want to keep saying names because then they think you want to work with them because you're at it enamorao and I'm not. Right now I'm pretty quiet as to be thinking about love. "

Will we see you perform in Mexico?, Inquire. "Soon, soon, soon (laughs). I understand that the people of Mexico to me and has given me so much support. Wow, it's amazing, "Maripily says thoughtfully. "Mexicans have given me such unconditional support I see myself living in Mexico soon because there are few things as Work will out there."