Miss World PR Meet The Governor

The 24 year old will share his victory with his people from Caguas, you want to receive it with honor.

Nadyalee Torres, Miss World Puerto Rico 2013, admitted that await months of hard work and dedication, so she has no time to lose.

"In September I'm going to Indonesia, so the preparation begins now. The organization just give me a few days to spend with my family, because the preparation is quite strong with scrimmages, catwalk, projection .. "She said.

Torres said that give special attention to the screening to improve in that area and have a 'coach' singing, a facet that is passionate, but has not taken classes.

The 24 year old will share his victory with his people from Caguas, you want to receive it with honor.

"I have understood that Mayor William Miranda Torres wants to meet me and have lunch. That still is being coordinated, "She said.

Nadyalee mentioned, on the other hand, who is conscious of the social crisis facing the country.

"I think one of the things we must do for this to wane, beyond increasing the number of police, is trying to sensitize. When we are most sensitive, then look for ways to prevent this from happening, "said Miss World Puerto Rico 2013, who was the victim of bullying or bullying in childhood.

He added immediately, "we see the newspapers and there are many negative news, we are so used to hear, even react to it. The sensitivity has to return to the heart of many of us. "

To have the opportunity to meet with Governor Alejandro Garcia Padilla, the beautiful nurse will recommend that schools have a requirement for students-as part of the curriculum-do charitable work or community.

"That way, they can (students) grow more sensitive and better see what's going on socially in Puerto Rico," She said.

Unlike other queens, Nadyalee did not hesitate to accept her relationship with Joel Contreras, the unforgettable "Crazy Rocker".

"We've been friends for many years ... and we are together as boyfriends for two years. We do very well, thank God, "She explained.

The beauty said her love is dedicated to evangelize with a youth group to which it belongs.