Moment When Ruben Sanchez gets scolded By Viviana Ortiz

Ruben Sanchez looked like a journalist novice when Wednesday night Viviana Ortiz Pastrana cornered until she mourn, just a week after they left to light allegations of this model around Puerto Rican who was a victim of male violence by of his now ex-boyfriend, the model also Freddy Garcia, better known as fredito Mathews.

In full issuance of the interview he did on his show "Ruben & Co.", Univision Puerto Rico, the reporter had to be guided by the woman's attorney, Wanda Vazquez, cause after tears, with questions and hints , the finalist of Nuestra Belleza Latina 2013.

"Viviana still pass victimization process every time you talk about it. As she talks about it, she relives those emotions that she does not want to remember "said Vazquez before Sanchez's embarrassed face.

The journalist then apologized to the audience and the Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2011, and then only took a few minutes to talk about the grant from the Center for Arts Education (CEA) of Televisa Mexican company that won the beauty corozaleña.

But first, hinted that the model "took cookies" from his now ex-boyfriend, fredito Mathews, and insisted again and again question him why he did not report the situation to the authorities.

"To me what I think is important is that if you get a scholarship, you have 26 years and understand that you represent Puerto Rico, I think you have a responsibility to tell the girls they see in you an example that you took cookies and that they should not get them, that if I ever put on airs, which permit and report it, because that's what one expects from the leaders, right? "said Ruben Sanchez to a dislocated Viviana Ortiz.

 Ruben Sanchez gets scolded By Viviana Ortiz

When she refused to elaborate on the subject, claimed that he had been told that the interview would focus on that aspect of his life.

"And what you said that we were talking, footbridge, from bikinis and lipstick?" He said wryly in apparent disregard of the job as a beauty queen and actress of soap operas, to aspiring young of 26 years.

"I want to look like Viviana Ortiz and as a woman who now has a way to go and it will go forward to fulfill his dream, and my way is Mexico, CEA, study and become an actress. That way I can I represent a lot of people too, but I have nothing to give focus to an issue that was in the past, and I know I talk about this issue is hurting many people, especially his family, that they are more affected than it already is, "Viviana summarized in one of his answers.

Later, when the Women's Advocate intervened in his favor to her and echoed those words. "The important thing is that it represents an example and is looking to turn the page. The important thing is just not to talk about this subject because it revives painful it was "prescribed Wanda Vazquez.