Rapper 'Mexican' is Arrested In Puerto Rico

Rapper Israel Perales Ortiz, better known as 'Mexican', was arrested on May 28 after having escaped a week ago the Hogar Crea Arecibo, Puerto Rico.

'Mexican' was at the Hogar Crea by a court order, and he committed domestic violence against his ex-partner who threatened and attacked.
Rapper Mexican is Arrested

According to the website Primera Hora, the rapper was found in a residence of the District of Manati Aqueduct.

Secretary of Corrections and Rehabilitation, José Negrón Fernández, reported that six officers took part in the intervention in which they had to force the door and a quarter.

"At the moment they make contact with him, did not show any resistance, obeyed all guidelines that gave the agents. Was only in shorts (position), fully awake, coherent, cooperative at all times," said secretary.

The police let Perales dress was finished and that will take some medicine. The rapper was taken to the Bayamón Correctional Complex where he underwent a medical checkup.

Police are still investigating who is the house in which he was found 'Mexican'.

"We reviewed all the house and found no controlled substances or firearms," ​​said Lt. Santos Flores Pizarro.

According to Flores Pizarro, the reason that 'Mexican' decided to escape the Hogar Crea was the death of her daughter, who was found dead a few months ago.

"The man constantly thinks of his daughter, the one who died, and apparently not allowed to have his ashes at home and decided to leave the same" Flores said Pizarro.

'Mexican' has scheduled a visit to revoke probation this May 29th Judicial Center Arecibo which will determine the future of the three-year sentence to be met.

"We will have to await the outcome of the process to know what will be the judge's determination of whether to finish serving the sentence in a penal institution or in a detour home can be a Hogar Crea" said Negrón Fernández .

The judge will have to consider that this is not the first time the rapper escapes from a home of this type.