Shakira gives toys 'Intelligent' to Milan

 The singer Shakira has boasted on his Twitter account that his son Milan, due to their relationship with footballer Gerard Pique, four months playing with handmade objects that help in its development.

In the picture you can see shared colored plastic bottles full of seeds, balls of wool and cellophane or foil other. Shakira wrote that this type of toys allow you to 'explore sounds and textures give'. Child development experts recommend this type of stimuli from an early age, it is beneficial to the child's learning in general.


Able to touch and hold objects is important for the baby, according to Dr. Rebecca Woods, Professor of Human Development and Family Sciences, of NDSU, "an important part of human cognitive development, which includes skills such as thinking, perception and memory is the ability to understand if an object we have in view is the same as we saw before or is it a different one. "

Shakira gives toys Intelligent to Milan

Although 'Nips' is too small to sit still and hold things for himself, it is able to recognize the difference of textures in a toy plus they could exercise their muscles to try toss them, push or load.

Certainly, Milan Piqué Mebarak, could have the most elaborate and expensive toys in the world, yet by all accounts is that their parents are more interested in generating stimuli to support the cognitive development of your baby, which carry branded items.