Tiffany Diaz Imposes its feminine vision

The novel  starring comedian 'little girls' cyber channel for Sofia Vergara
The Puerto Rican Tiffany Diaz is a 'Chamaca' in action. This is the comedy novel cyber Mariem Carlitos Ruiz and Pérez, creators of 'Maldeamores'
 who inspired productions with female approach such as 'Bridesmaids' and 'Girls', decided to make their own version.

"It's a multi-type sketches 'Saturday Night Live' which gives strength to women. It's comedy, but from a female perspective in our language (Spanish) trying to break that image that everything Latin is tacky. The truth is that we have great filmmakers and actors with tremendous ideas and was born there 'little girls', said Diaz who four years ago is based in Los Angeles, California after trying their luck in the field of commercial and modeling in Puerto Rico and Miami later.

The interesting thing about this proposal is that the actress is also listed as a writer, what has inspired her to create other projects. So much so that plans to go for a month this summer, to Argentina to study screenwriting. He said he chose the Latin American country to educate yourself in the field of writing, because you have love interests in place. "Let's say I expected a fellow traveler," he said.

"Mariem and I wrote the scripts for 'little girls' along with Carlitos Ruiz and Carlos Santos (former MTV VJ, stand up comedian and actor of the series) always focused on female strength. We have received much criticism from feminists, one might think they have nothing else to do, but the truth is that at the end of the day we're laughing at things that happen to ourselves. I have had to say until it comes to things that happen to friends of mine, so the story is not so personal. Women sometimes are very serious and we just want to show the other side, "he said.

Tiffany, who shot the film in Puerto Rico 'Demented', explained that each sketch or story lasts about three to four minutes because netizen's attention is limited. "We are recording at the moment and present a new chapter every Tuesday NuevOn Youtube channel of Sofia Vergara," he added. None of the stories have consequences or is repeated except some characters that have continuity. The issue on Tuesday in Puerto Rico is at 7:00 am.