What do Denise Quinones and Bodine Koehler have in Common?

What do they have in common these two beauties Denise Quinones and Bodine Koehler? Difficult, but at least there are two things I agree: both have been Miss Universe Puerto Rico and the two have worn elegantly designed by Stella Nolasco.
Denise Quinones and Bodine Koehler have in Common

This black dress last night Quiñones led his first concert in Puerto Rico, entitled "I'm here", in Punto Fijo cabaret Fine Arts Center in San Juan. The fitted dress has details on black guipure lace and sleeves.

It turns out that this design was adjusted to the sensuous curves of Bodine Koehler in a photo shoot for a special this newspaper in November 2012, just before the beauty departed to Las Vegas to represent the island in international competition without obtain the crown.

Lost triplet??

But the Miss Universe 2001 and the alleged girlfriend of tycoon Miguel Ferrer are not the only queens have their figures silhouetted with this creation by Stella Nolasco. The reigning Miss Universe Puerto Rico, Monic Perez, who was modeled on the fashion show in which this piece was included Gallic, filed on November 1, 2012 at the Museum of Art of Puerto Rico, San Juan.

Definitely has created The Brotherhood of the hanger.