Beyonce Dont Like Retouched Photos

The Latest Gossip Magazines and Covers the singer from MEXICO CITY (30/MAY/2013.) - U.S. singer Beyonce was furious to learn that her pictures bikinis campaign for H & M had been digitally retouched.

According to the website of the British newspaper "The Sun", the singer and her team insisted that the original photographs were used.
Beyonce Dont Like Retouched Photos

"It's a real diva and was furious at what they did. Her people refused to give the green light so that H & M was forced to use the originals," said a source close.

Earlier this year it was announced that the singer would be the image of a swimwear campaign of the firm and since then have released images of Beyoncé with the models.

A spokesman for the company admitted that there were discussions on the photographs, but in the end were used that were not modified.