Is Brooke Mueller rehab?

 Brooke Mueller rehab?Thats a question her to answer .Assuming that there ever comes a period when a judge is weighing whether to return Brooke Mueller's children to her, he or she may as well watch this movie.

This stunning motion picture of Charlie Sheen's ex Brooke Mueller has surfaced, demonstrating to her smoking break cocaine out of a glass funnel.

The 36-year-old additionally anticipated meth. "Where is the gem? I am giving you $1500," a rumpled Mueller says in the film.

 The cut was initially uncovered by  Radar Online. The production additionally cites an insider who claims to have been available on the scene: "Brooke cherished getting high. This was just an alternate insane night of her getting high. When she did drugs, it was three to four times each week," the source said. "I realize that she is mindful that in the event that she doesn't quit doing pills, she is set to lose her children [for good] …  cheerfully she can stop."

 The grieved socialite's fight with pill dependence has been generally reported. Prior this hot time of year, Mueller registered with a recovery facility for the twentieth time in the wake of backsliding go into pills. In May, she lost makeshift care over her 4-year-old twins, Bob and Max Sheen, on account of the Los Angeles County Department of Children & Family Services and a judge who discovered the Mueller home to be a nature's turf."

The twins are currently under the guardianship of Sheen's first wife, Denise Richards.

I just suppose this is so pitiful. I've said it before on the site, however I don't follow how anybody does hard drugs. It just alarms the bejesus out of me. Strongest thing I've at any point done is weed. Smoking out of a break pipe as this – I mean how low do you need to go before leaving it so the question arrived Brooke Mueller rehab?