Jennifer Lopez on Cosmopolitian Magazine

You may never know it from Jennifer Lopez's spellbinding and certain picture and numerous victories on stage and screen, yet the recently affirmed 'American Idol' judge was loaded with insecurities prior in her profession.

jlo on cosmopolitan cover

"The most amazing instability I had was my singing," J. Lo says in Cosmopolitan magazine's October 2013 main story. "In spite of the fact that I had sold 70 million records, there was this feeling like, I'm bad at this. Keeping in mind I was wedded to Marc Anthony, he helped me get over it. He continued letting me know, 'You're the stand out holding yourself back from arriving at your full potential as a vocalist.

You need to let go' … I was dependably so unreliable and only sort of coming. At that point I developed, small by small, and acknowledged, hold up a moment, this is not a fluke. I'm not a slip-up — I work my ass off. Also I recognize what I'm doing."

For the spread of the Cosmopolitan magazine's 'Sexy Power Issue,'  Lopez wears what can best be portrayed as a spellbinding power outfit: stomach exposing dark glossy silk and bind with a coat threw over her shoulder. Her knowing, shut mouth grin says she's in control and she's getting a charge out of it. Her long, wild hair prescribes that she had barely been investing some quality time with young buck Casper Smart!
jlo on black cosmopolitan dress

Her previous go down lover of the dance floor beau may be much more youthful, yet he's devised a workable plan to educate Jennifer a thing or two about relationships. "It's amusing, at an early stage with casper, I recall letting him know how I have a genuine catch on being disregarded," she uncovers. "Furthermore he was like, 'Listen, assuming that some person disregards you, then overlook them. They don't merit to have your consideration.' But its amusing. At times when we don't get it, we attempt to get it in a negative manner, you know?"

The new issue of Jennifer Lopez on cosmopolitian magazine hit newsstands the past September 10.
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