Carlos Santana Visited Homeless Ex-Band Member

Carlos Santana has reveled in a touching Christmas get-together with a previous band member that he has not seen for a considerable length of time.

Marcus 'The Magnificent' Malone, who is homeless and lives in the city of Oakland, played congas in the Santana Blues Band throughout the 1960s yet apparently left in 1969 after he was sentenced to jail for murder.
Carlos Santana Visited Homeless

A writer formed the gathering on Friday after he met Malone and heard his hard-fortunes story a week ago.

Throughout the gathering, Malone gripped Santana and said, "You don't know that I am so reluctant to give you a chance to see me," to which Carlos Santana answered, "We treasure you. It's a honor to be in your vicinity."

As per, the two men had not seen one another since Malone's passageway from the band, and Carlos Santana has now guaranteed to carry his buddy a set of congas and assistance get him once more on his feet.