Are Dancing with the Stars Season 18 Winners Dating?

  Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Meryl Davis champs of Dancing with the Stars  has started a huge amount of sentiment bits of gossip however the inquiry still remains would they say they are really a thing off the move floor?

At the point when the pair was put on the spot Thursday by moderator Wendy Williams they got to be marginally bothered.

Williams initially inquired as to whether they were "smushing" trailed by "Are y'all sweetheart and mate, or sweethearts or anything?"

"We're not dating, no," Davis replied.

 Williams kept on pressing the issue by inquiring as to whether she has a sweetheart?

Sources let us know Weekly after the accomplices enormous win that a sentiment was to be sure fermenting between them.

Chmerkovskiy's sibling Val let us know Weekly at the show's finale that Maks "cherishes her most likely more than I've seen him adore an alternate lady, he adores and worships her, however its similar to a King Kong kind of relationship."

 "He unquestionably adores her, and I know she cherishes him back," Val added to Us.

Davis and Chmerkovskiy stepped our for supper with ten companions at New York's City's TAO downtown resturant Thursday to keep commending their huge moving win.

A passerby uncovered to the mag that they were "super tricky feely."

 "He had his arm around her waist and shoulders a ton."

"They had an incredible time (in NYC) " said a source .

"Maks is that loving with all ladies. He generally acts like that, its the manner by which he is, extremely tricky feely. He truly loves her however it is not dating yet."

Video at Wendy Williams Talk Show:

What do you think they had a love realationship?