Beautifull Flamingo disappears from Camuy, Puerto Rico

Just as he arrived, he was gone. Mysteriously, after more than five years in the area , flamenco had done a few charchas in the La Bajura Camuy home, left the place .

About two weeks ago that left residents of the coastal town of seeing the pink animal in the Rock Beach Amador.

Beautifull Flamingo disappears

" For five years , God gave the joy of living with camuyano flamenco and now it was time to migrate to other horizons for their survival. Us hope that one day return to his people, but no matter what place always go will be called 'The Flamingo of Camuy ,' " reads a written by Bernie Beltran in his blog post .

There have been several theories that have been outlined on the departure of the individual resident . Some say it was the lack of food as the charchas in which he lived, and which obtained its food , dried by the lack of rain earlier in the year .

Others indicate that the Department of Natural and Environmental Resources ( DNER ) took it , which was denied by the agency spokeswoman , Carmen Milagros Diaz.

In social networks farewell messages abound in flamenco , which became a symbol of the village. Meanwhile, others seek to track the bird and say simply moved to Dorado.

Flamenco was first seen in January 2009 ; since remained in camuyana coast. The bird became something of a tourist attraction in the Romantic City municipal administration and even the photos used in promotions .