Country Singer Taylor Swift New Album

Today Saturday May 31 last day of the month goes on the singer note of
taylor swift new album.The country singer was spotted at the international airport in Narita , Japan as part of his musical tour called Red throughout Asia, the photographer of the stars of hollywood captures the moment the singer wearing a very beautiful dress as spring season came to town .

In an exclusive interview with the star aboutTaylor Swift New Album justjared informed the following  regarding the release of a new project :

Taylor Swift New Album

"Since I have been working very hard on it and it's my favorite thing I've created . So the idea that after Asia, have the opportunity to go back and finish everything and have everything completely done and completely wrapped for a new project is very exciting, " the 24- year-old country singer shared earlier this week in a press conference in China , about his upcoming album.

Video Entrevita Taylor Swift

You can watch the conference interview in the below video As Taylor talk about the tour called Red in Asia region , which will end this June .

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