Do not trust! Not all dogs can swim

Whenever summer comes , with their aforementioned days of pool and beach , many ask us if dogs can swim and if they do not know if you can teach them to do so . The answer is no and yes . Not all dogs are born with the instinct or knowledge of swimming, but it is possible to teach them to defend themselves in the water.

The first thing that experts recommend is to teach them to swim, choose a quiet place where not many people or other dogs. It may be a pool or pond , it does not matter . This will help reduce the anxiety that can cause your pet bustle of humans or the swell of the sea. That way , you can better concentrate on the lesson.

Here are some other helpful tips:

- At the beginning of training , use a kiddies pool . Later, when you have learned , you can take your dog to the beach.

- Please have your favorite snacks to encourage him to enter the water , it is not recommended to throw sharply. In fact , if the animal is reluctant , do not make me do it because it might be scared too and even develop a phobia .

- Enters the water with only wet pet and legs so that you gradually get used to the sensations . If the first instance I do not succeed, try again later or another day to not tire the animal.

- If you react well to that first step , take it in your arms or provided enough support to start kicking . You can place your hand on the abdomen or put a life jacket for dogs, as this will make you feel more confident.

Do not trust! Not all dogs can swim

- Teach , also , how to get out of the water. If you are in a swimming pool , show all areas where you can go .

- Although your dog can swim , never leave him alone in the water. Supervise at all times.

- Do not allow water or drink by the pool or the sea, as this could cause gastrointestinal disturbances.

- Make sure to provide protection against UV rays.

- Try to give their " swimming lessons " during the morning or later afternoon to avoid possible heat stroke .