FBI Arrests In Puerto Rico Judge Suspended Manuel Acevedo

A suspended chief judge Manuel Hernández Acevedo , the Court of Aguadilla, was arrested early today by agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation , confirmed the agency spokesman , Moses Quiñones.

The judge was arrested around 5:30 am at his home in Aguadilla and showed no resistance.

" All quiet and under control ," said Quiñones.

He said the indictment is sealed and can not provide details until 11:00 am at a press conference at the U.S. Attorney in Hato Rey . Initially, it had emerged that was under investigation for judicial corruption.

The FBI official explained that this will be the only arrest that made ​​today.
FBI Arrests In Puerto Rico Judge

This newspaper learned that Hernandez Acevedo will be transferred to federal District Court in the morning . He will face his initial hearing before Judge Camille Velez Rivé .

The judge, who was suspended from his job last April amid the federal investigation, is the first detainee from that in August 2013 the FBI created a squad to investigate judicial corruption in the island

This arrest occurs within hours of revelations that the brother of accounting Lutgardo López Acevedo , who shares the same first name , was quoted yesterday before a federal grand jury .

Since April, when FBI agents raided the residence of the judge, it was revealed that federal authorities were investigating him for alleged accounting and judicial corruption.

López Acevedo was charged with negligent homicide , driving while intoxicated and obstructing justice when an accident caused the June 30, 2012 , in which he passed the security guard Felix Babylon. In March 2013 , a judge acquitted him .

Acevedo Lopez was represented by attorney Mayra Lopez Mulero and the district attorney w`as Joseph Esparra .

It was learned that Esparra cooperating with authorities after that in April 2012 , met with López Acevedo and agreed archivarle about Arms Act charges and threat by an incident on August 22, 2012 at a restaurant in Moca, to politically influenced change in order to be confirmed as a district attorney .

López Acevedo himself made ​​a complaint against Esparra by this incident.

In April 2013 , the judge was linked to an incident in which, during a crash , they stopped a car in which he was a passenger . The driver , he said at the time the agent Elvin Soto, the Transit Division Aguadilla, was an employee of Acevedo López who was under the influence of alcoholic beverages .leave a comment at hsm loves it.