Google Reveals Prototype Vehicle Driving Alone

Technology giant Google first showed a model of autonomous, able to run without being driven by a human , designed by the company and lacks elements such as the steering wheel or the brake and accelerator pedals vehicle.

Until now , Google had always revealed their progress in this type of car in which has been working since several years ago by conventional models adapted to the Google software , so that the vehicles had the same appearance as the cars currently circulating on the road and allowed the passengers to regain control if this was necessary .
 Vehicle Driving Alone

However, the model presented with an entry on the official company blog is designed by Google with the sole purpose of driving alone and that does not in any case conventional management . " ( The autonomous vehicles ) have no steering wheel or throttle or brake pedal ? Because they do not need . Our software and sensors are responsible for all the work ," said project manager of Google autonomous vehicle , Chris Urmson .

The prototype presented by Google is electric , has only two seats, is small and very compact and has a look of the most futuristic . " The vehicles will be very basic , we learn from them and adapt as quickly as possible, but we will go anywhere you want by simply pressing a button," Urmson said.

This starter button , side by side to make an emergency stop , are the only points of physical interaction with the passenger car, which will be controlled from a mobile application where the user will select the final destination. Google , which says it has safety first priority in the design of these models , plans to build a hundred prototypes will begin this summer and be tested , " if all goes well ," the idea of the company is conducting a California pilot program in the coming years .

For about a year, Google other vehicles that drive themselves but accept that a human can take control of them in an emergency , the Lexus RX450h equipped with sensors , have been circulating through the streets of Mountain View (CA . UU . ), where the tech giant is headquartered .

In the distance you have traveled these vehicles to date has always been a human driver sitting behind the wheel , ready to , leaving something wrong, to take control of the car. According to Google , its driverless cars have not experienced any accidents while the vehicle is automatically conducted.