How to Know if He is Interested in You?

How to know if he is interested in you ? That is the question that many women do when they are near the boy of her dreams, but do not know if the next move.

Because men and women are diametrically different , not always know if they are thinking the same as us, but sometimes they are not that betrays his words, but his body language gestures , reactions or even how that stop signs are the best whether they are interested in you.

The first thing you should do is pay attention to him,what he says and how he says it , also in the way he  listen and how much attention pay or how he acts That can say a lot and tell you if you have to take things further or better pose your eyes on someone else.

How to Know if He is Interested in You

Some of the gestures made ​​by the man can be very obvious , to make you feel that they are interested in reaching the following , especially on the first date , that's when you decide if you want to advance to the second stage or level or not..
El Universal presents ten signs that will tell you if they are interested or  better find another game.

1) sweaty palms : When someone you find attractive , you sweat . You body produces substances such as norepinephrine , dopamine and serotonin , they make your body speed up breathing and put your hands to sweat. If you give your hand is wet , it is a good sign .

2) Tone of voice : Studies show that when someone we like , we change the tone in which we speak . According to the analysis by the University of Aberdeen, when a person looks attractive , men tend to talk more manly , with a more serious tone.

3) Pupils dilate : Thanks to the release of dopamine , the pupils dilate . A study by psychologist Eckhard Hess says the pupil diameter increases when viewed at an attractive woman, therefore , to know if he likes you , there is more to see.

4) Body position : The more a man approaches a woman is more attracted to her. Bowing to have her closer to him talk that he likes you more . The closer you are , the more attracted he feels. If you distance , bad news .

5) ft. If both are seated, his feet will tell you much of what you feel. If your feet are pointing to the girl , it means you want to continue at the site , indicating that want to go over the process of knowing .

6) Fix your hair : If you feel attracted to you constantly touch your hair or fix your tie or clothing . Because he likes you, seek ways to be perfect for you so much take care of the details surrounding it.

7) Chest out , tummy in: It's an unconscious gesture that was inherited when the men went hunting . Wants to give the impression that he is handsome , so to please try to hide their flaws and provide your best pose.

8) Smile : Not that you're very funny, but if the time spent with you has a smile on his face, is a good sign that he likes you. If you suddenly loose a laugh, also will naturally keep you comfortable while you are together .

9) Try to touch : No means it will be above you , but that occasionally try rubbing your knee or your arm. Contact must do so with respect for you and up to the line a friendly approach and not merely sexual .

10) listen attentively : you know you got their attention not only because you staring at , but I also wonder what you think about a situation. He is not talking all the time himself. If you draw him , stop chattering , to focus on you.