Names Prohibited for Registration Under Puerto Rican Laws

Mula names or Lucifer when enrolling a child in Puerto Rico is not allowed .

Laws on the island will prevent parents put their children improper or extravagant names
And is that the laws governing the Demographic Registry on the island will prevent parents put their children unfit , extravagant or animal names. This is contrary to what happens in the Dominican Republic where it is common to find a man called Datsun , Michael Jackson, or Mamertus Cricasio .

However, in Puerto Rico Law 24 of 22 April 1931 states that " the registrar shall not register or extravagant names of animals or in any way improper or allowed people to become surnames known names such as " .

But this last line , converting known names in names, Executive Director of Demographic Registry , Nancy Vega, said that may be exceptions.

Names Prohibited for Registration Under Puerto Rican Laws

She said putting on or Muñiz Rodríguez name a child could spend the lattice of the law according to the subjectivity of the registrar. " Because they can not be offensive or inappropriate for the register ," she said .

She said that today extravagant or improper names are unusual , but two names grafts , resulting in something almost unpronounceable . There are Alaishamarie , Anhexiomarys , Elishneyska , Italy and African girls. For males between the rarities are Jacobantonio , Jakziel or Jameyshakaliz .

"Our experience - in terms of the names - is that we have not seen very quirky names but by complex combinations that make the name of father and mother ," she said .

But if a parent came with the direct intention of placing his son a misnomer , is a wall in the recorder of Demographic Registry by Law 24 .

" I understand that the purpose of the law is that it protects the child that has no name then bring him negative and especially with both bullying consequences. The child is not the subject of ridicule , " Vega said.

In this line , the register may refuse to register a child if the parents do not agree on a suitable name , so that the matter could reach the courts, Vega said.

"We as Demographic Registry Act have the authority to require information necessary for registration and that obviously includes the name, which should be appropriate . We need to protect the child , "said the official.

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