Why Puerto Rico Protest against company Monsanto

A group of organizations who apply for food sovereignty and an end to experimentation with plant seeds this afternoon marched from the Peace Pavilion Luis Muñoz Rivera Park in San Juan, to the Capitol to protest the risks posed by Genetically modified food  produced by the multinational Company Monsanto.

The lively march, which came out around 2:00 pm , occurred in the context of activities that took place in various cities around the world against Genetically modified food giant .
 Protest against  company Monsanto

"This march is a blunt repudiation of Monsanto and the biotechnology industry that constantly experimenting with foods that we eat . 's Common knowledge that not only Monsanto but other seed companies like Pioneer and Syngenta, are present in Puerto Rico and experience all day in our agricultural land that have the potential to be used to produce food , "said Jesus Vazquez Negron, spokesperson for the group that organized the protest , Santo Nothing About Monsanto.

GM foods are those that have been produced from a genetically engineered organism and that have been incorporated genes from another organism to produce specific characteristics.

In the activity, which brought 150 to 200 people , the approval of Senate Bill 524 would require that all food prepared or processed with genetic engineering in Puerto Rico to be labeled as such were also asked .

Whats yours thoughts about Genetically modified food..let us know