Sleeping with lots of light Can Increase the Risk of Obesity

London - . Sleeping in a room with lots of light can increase the risk of obesity in women, a "risk factor " for breast cancer , according to a study released today by the Institute of Cancer Research in London.
Sleeping with lots of light Can Increase the Risk of Obesity
The scientists analyzed the habits of a large group of women forty and older to try to identify the causes of breast cancer.

Thus, 113,000 found that women who slept with a high light exposure suffered an increase in BMI and your waist size , although they could not determine the cause of this relationship.

"The partnership that we have seen between exposure to light at night and obesity is very intriguing. Still can not say what is the reason for this relationship , but the results leave open interesting future research," said researcher Anthony Swedlow .

According to the study , the metabolism is affected by " cyclical rhythms of the body" related to sleep habits , walking and exposure to light .

For his part , Dr. Emily McFadden , co-author of the study, said that the relationship between sleep bright and obesity is supported by previous research on the impact of light on the metabolism , while insisting that " are necessary " new studies .

The work was funded by the British organization fighting breast cancer " Breakthrough Breast Cancer " and published today in the journal "American Journal of epidemology " .

One of the researchers of the association said that " it is too early to suggest that sleep in the dark helps prevent obesity, a risk factor for breast cancer , but the relationship is really interesting."