These Foods Help you Lose Weight

Amazing Foods to archive lose weight fast

 Health-If you want to speed up your metabolism to burn those calories that you have more , regularly consume egg , beans, milk and green tea.

According to Health information portal 180, a healthy way to reduce weight is to maintain a balanced diet that allows you to burn more calories than you consume daily.
These foods help you lose weight

Some foods that will help you achieve this goal, as long as you consume in moderation and prepare without extra calories are protein drinks and we introduce :

Know your benefits of These Foods Help you Lose Weight

Egg : As a food rich in protein will help you feel full longer , so you will not have that hungry. In addition, the egg contains an element that makes your desire to eat sweets less frequently .

Beans: Rich in ' Cholecystokinin ' , which are natural appetite suppressants, will make you feel satisfied, will help you maintain a stable sugar levels in the blood and reduce levels of bad cholesterol.

Salads: The key to these, whatever vegetables you choose, are the amount ; when you eat lots of salads ( free dressings ) will lose weight , because the stomach is distended and the brain receives a signal of satiety.
Fat burning drinks

Green Tea: This is one of the most important sources of antioxidants . It also contains ' Catechins ' properties that speed up metabolism and promote the use of fat as an energy source .

Milk : Calcium is able to inhibit the storage of fat in the body and help you reduce the fat that is often stored in the abdomen of men and women . Sure, the milk should be skimmed , to enjoy these benefits.

So you know , if you put aside those ' chichitos ' hip , waist or legs, do not forget to include these foods  in your diet. Ingiérelos sparingly and always remember seeing a nutritionist , reaching your goals, but put your health at risk .