Tyra Banks no Makeup Announces New 2015 show

Tyra Banks no Makeup Announces New show

Like a song of Christmas season in Puerto Rico which reads thus says: ' If you thought you did not come , you have been given tremendous .. jodi . ' Well the rest I leave to the imagination .

This is an introduction to break the news that round in the evolution of Saturday 31 .. on the return to television of the Supermodel, actress, reality television, and Harvard haver Tyra Banks, this has reached an agreement with Disney - ABC for a new talk show that will go on the air for 2015 according to Deadline, the new television project currently untitled Banks will focus on " leading a team of lifestyle experts as they tackle a wide range topics. "

Tyra Banks no Makeup

Former supermodel program called , The Tyra Banks Show , which aired from 2005 to 2010 on the CW channel , and based on temassurrealistas . She kind of advice indelible life can offer only Tyra also offered :

Supermodel liked disfrasarse because on one occasion took the disguise a fat woman pretending to show the prejudices of another occasion company.A company dressed man . It was a show a bit outside the norm , looking for big ratings, especially for girls.

Only wish that on this occasion will go even better supermodel , Tyra Banks no Makeup
, a great adventurer . Video Tyra Bank Show:Fat Hateration