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Shark Attacked a 22 year old in Fort Lauderdale

Jessica Vaughn, 22, was carrying water activities in the Intercoastal Canal from Fort Lauderdale on Sunday when it was attacked by a shark. She was in the water waiting for her friends when reached by the shark fin, and then receive the attack Local10 reported.

Kyle Branston, friend of the victim, told CBS4 that while at first thought it was a joke, young people went to help his friend to see the trail of blood in the water. Her friends took a boat up the canal bank at 511 Bayshore Drive, then call 911.
Shark Attacked a 22 year old in Fort Lauderdale

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Vaughn received medical attention at the Broward Health Medical Center, where he underwent surgery and remains hospitalized.

The muscles of the leg were shattered, exposing the bone, doctors said.