How Ana de la Reguera Suffered From Bullying

Ana de la Reguera

The Mexican actress , Ana de la Reguera declared today to the press in veracruz , she was victim of bullying in primary school.

 When teachers were doing in classrooms questions at Pacelli School of Veracruz, about what they wanted to do when he grows up , De la Reguera actress replied that , provoking laughter from his classmates,'i wanted be an actress .

Se declared Today the following statement to te Universal:

" I was a victim of bullying , bullying has always existed, just did not name, as we say here 'jarochos' , there has always been 'castrosos chamacos' , lol , remember when I said I wanted to be an actress , my friends made ​​fun of me for skinny, big nose , they said that was impossible and that bothered me , " relates Anabell Gardoqui de la Reguera , better known as Ana de la Reguera .

 "The situation is different now when I find those friends that bothered me , do not tell me anything, because I managed to be a film actress as I wanted , I turned my dream, so we have to strengthen the character of children , teach them that they have to be strong and fulfill their goals in life , although people make fun of them , for example if a child wants to be a dancer , you must understand that no matter what be accused of ' jack ' is your dream and you must understand this ,  family support is critical  , to denounce situations and be brave , little kids will always have 'castrosos' "he said.

Among the women who were enrolled in primary school Pacelli, are Adriana Abascal , actress Adriana Fonseca, the exalcaldesa Carolina Gudino Corro, Natalia Gonzalez Villareal , Gretel Luengas , Laura Cors and first lady of the municipality of Veracruz Maricruz Barreda of Poo