Feared for Their Spicy but Good Against Cancer

New Delhi - Some of the most widely used spices in Indian food, so feared by many tourists because of its pungent flavor, contain properties that help prevent diseases like cancer.

Dr. Lalit Kuma's Institute of Medical Sciences, India, told Efe that turmeric, a spice that gives the yellow color to curry, "is used to prevent various kinds of diseases" such as cancer, arthritis or diabetes.

Turmeric, the Indian plant comes Stadium Tamil Nadu, is also used "as an adjunct to chemotherapy, especially in breast cancer, colon cancer, head and neck, and leukemia," details this Specialist prestigious medical institution.

help prevent diseases

Some components of turmeric is clinically shown to prevent the formation of cells prostate, skin, pancreas or brain tumors.

Kuma add other spices like cumin seeds, are mainly used to treat gastrointestinal problems.

A seller, Rajan Bhargava, specializing in these condiments market in New Delhi says Efe that it is known that "turmeric works as an anticancer and many other species have medical benefits."

"Dan and energy are like antibiotics spice Ribes uva-crispa, or prickly gooseberries gooseberry helps improve the immune system," explains seller Khari Baoli market in the old part of the capital of India.

Another trader, Manjit Singh says Efe that "turmeric is very good for health, for the whole body and when one is sick, helps recovery and works as an antiseptic."

"The same benefits have spice Coriandrum sativum, commonly called cilantro, while ginger is very good against stomach pain and black pepper is also used to make medicine," says the shopkeeper.

Ginger is widely used in India not only in food, but also to give a spicy tea or coffee, especially in winter.

Fennel, although not unique to India, is also widely spread across the country, from the northern tip of Jammu and Kashmir to Bengal and Orissa in the east, with different names and culinary uses in each of the Asian giant.

The benefits of fennel has also been found to fight cancer cells, as happens with saffron or cayenne, introduced by Europeans in Asia and which betrays its intense red spicy.

Feared by stomachs unaccustomed to spicy foods such as Indian, however this condiment is good against evil as leukemia.

Cumin contains antioxidants that help prevent cancers such as prostate; cinnamon, from neighboring Sri Lanka and also used in curry, carries a preservative which helps reduce the risk of tumors; and oregano is also beneficial in preventing cancer diseases.