Jlo talks about her breakup with Casper Smart

J;o talks about her breakup with Casper Smart-So much so that Jennifer Lopez has not shaken the pulse when it comes to openly address such controversial issues as the rumors that the choreographer could have been unfaithful in the past two weeks transsexual models.

"Honestly, I have to say, nor will I do if Casper has been unfaithful or not, because my public life does not require me to have to be every now denying the false information posted about me. I'm used to the press say all kinds of things about my life, so I prefer to stay out of this madness and get on with my work and projects, "said the singer in the Breakfast Club radio program.

Despite the jealousy with which comes to protecting your most intimate sphere, Jennifer Lopez does not mind saying it clear that her new love affair has not completely sapped her energy and her outgoing personality, especially since she and Casper were able to facilitate the existence of a period of "transition" that helped them endure the displeasure of the best.
Jlo talks about her breakup

"I will not say I'm extremely happy to be single, nor will I deny that I'm having a hard time, but the truth is that we had a lot of time preparing for this moment. There has been a sudden separation, but we had already started to organize our lives separately months ago, and before the story reached the media, I was already in transition. We are fine, we are very good friends, "said the interpreter at the same station.

Unlike the secrecy with which Jennifer confronts rumors of infidelity and her former partner, Casper Smart has not taken too long to express outrage at such harmful comments and, above all, consider prosecute both the two dummies who claimed to have sex with him, as one of the newspapers spread the news around the globe.

"There is no truth in the statements made by these two people. There was no physical meeting or any other such Xristina with Marie and Sofie Vissa, so I'm seriously considering the possibility of legal action against them and the newspaper The Sun, "the choreographer explained in a statement.

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