Malicious Virus Affects Users of Twitter

Users of social networks should be on alert for a new virus that is infecting specifically Twitter.

The rapid spread of viruses, malware spam, infects users of the social network through a deceptive ad to know who have been reviewing our profile.
Malicious Virus Affects Users of Twitter

The message reads "MAY ALREADY KNOW WHO VISITS YOUR PROFILE TWITTER" and is accompanied by a link shortener (URL shortener) Address Google,, which when pressed, install an application profile to Twitter that causes infected computers and the message repeated. A variant of cyber infection reads "ERROR in the 86th version of WHATSAPP ALLOW READ OTHER TALKS, TEST here."

To revoke the application that causes this malware, you should go to account affected, go to "Settings", find the section of applications (Apps), find "Who do you see?" And revoke access account. In doing so, the application will not be allowed to continue repeating the information, "advised the blogger known.

Users should ignore this misleading warning message on Twitter.

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