Sharon Stone admits that Antonio Banderas is like a brother

The exuberant Sharon Stone is aware that rumors on her hypothetical affair with Antonio Banderas - recently separated from Melanie Griffith-have not stopped running like wildfire among world opinion, so it was quick to deny such rumors about her love life while also clarified that his relationship with the Malaga actor is purely fraternal.

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"That information, is completely false. Antonio is like a brother to me and Melanie has always been there for me as a good friend that is, until I accompanied in births of my three children. Antonio and Melanie, the two are part of my family ", the movie star was sincere in an interview with the Mail Online.

The American artist is especially hurt by this "twisted invention" to put into question more than 20 years of friendship imperturbable to join the now defunct marriage, which it feels is a "lack of respect" unforgivable, even, it could lead to legal action against the publication which echoed the statements of an alleged near the trio became performers source.
Sharon Stone admits

"The supposed news is not only an example of the uninformed and sloppy journalism that we suffer today, but also poses a big disrespect to the people who said something so serious. This does not stop be another twisted, cruel and inhuman invention of the press, whose insensitivity has left me shocked, "said the same medium.

In the British edition of Grazia magazine the origin of the media storm that has impacted directly with Antonio Banderas and Sharon Stone-and by extension, Melanie Griffith is-because in its pages appointment gave a detailed account of the "spark "that have always existed between the two artists and, after removal of the first, would have led them to" flirt "without dissimulation.

"Antonio and Sharon have been great friends for many years, but it has not been until now that have started to flirt for real and have been driven by the mutual attraction they feel for each other. Now they are more united than ever but prefer to take things slowly not to hurt Melanie. but it is clear that the spark is there, it is undeniable that there is a great chemistry between them, "said the informant cited publication.Puedes opinar hoy en Hsm love Tv chismes