Sharon Stone Dont Get Pay From World Music Awards

El Chisme-Why Sharon Stone didn’t host the World Music Awards as planned as a result of she wasn't paid before the event, Page Six has learned.

A source tells North American nation Stone arrived to the show in Monte Carlo, however “when Sharon didn’t get paid, she got back to a yacht she was staying on.”

Sharon Stone Dont Get Pay

A rep for the attractive actress “Fading Gigolo” star tells online portal PageSix this can be “true” and “correct.”

A World Music Awards producer genus Melissa Corken says they wished to pay Stone, however it wasn’t within the stars. “She was obtaining paid, however she didn’t settle for the shape of payment we tend to wished to allow her,” Corken tells Page Six, adding the wire transfer failed to bear as a result of “Mercury is in retrograde. does one understand astrology?

Everything gets lost, everything is late.” Corken continued , “One of our non-public board members was reaching to pay her — Sharon Stone didn’t desire a bank check.” Stone was replaced by Pamela Anderson. The show, scheduled to air on NBC, was canceled attributable to what the organizers delineated as “technical difficulties.”

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