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The Chilling Cry Jenni Rivera in his last Show-Video

News about Singer Jenni Rivera Death-The chilling cry you can hear 2:20 minutes into the video .

"Today the kill ," o 'Hoy la Matan' shouts one of the audience members in the middle of the interpretation of 'Black Dove ' with the "Diva of the Banda " concluded what would become his last show surrounded by fans . Hours later , the singer with his working group died in a tragic plane crash in the town of Iturbide , Nuevo León.
Chilling Cry Jenni Rivera

The chilling cry you can hear 2:20 minutes into the video .

A day held one and a half of her death , the spread of this audio show in the Arena Monterrey December 8, 2012 retakes the theory that the singer could have been the victim of an attack on her life. She herself told reporters receiving death threats for their presentations in Mexico , the same who ignored until his brother John joined the I to help her feel more secure.

So far, no member of the Rivera family was expressed about the recording.
Video of Jenni rivera daughter dedicated to her mom