Cameron Diaz, goddess at 41 and passionate on the beach

At 41, Cameron Diaz showed a spectacular figure, with nothing to envy to a twenty years old. The actress is intact, as she was on the set of her hit movies in which captivated the male audience, as it were Something About Mary and Charlie's Angels.

During the celebration of Independence Day in the United States, July 4, the actress went to her family to show Benji as her official boyfriend. "They flew to Orlando and then drove to Tampa for the meeting. Also spent a few days on the beach on Anna Maria Island, where the family has a home in Cameron. Were a great vacation and had a great time with nephews Cameron "  an insider tells E! News.
Cameron Diaz, goddess at 41
While the actress shared her holiday with your partner and her family, especially children, what she thinks about motherhood or the biological clock runs at 41.?she describes it as follows:

"Having a child is a huge amount of work not me like the idea of ​​being responsible for other lives beyond mine. Indeed it is a decision he has made me the simplest things. a baby means being alert all day, every day, for at least 18 years. So than not having one does make things easier, but that does not mean it's an easy decision to make.the actress said.

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