Michelle Mone reveals her ideal man Bill Clinton

Speaking of Michelle Mone as many will know went through a tough divorce from her husband of 19 years.

Definitely is looking for a new love in her life and is willing to marry as soon as possible to the ideal man.
But which is the ideal man for Michelle Mone, she told to MailOnline and I quote:

'I've always thought you should try the rule five years, five years older or five years younger. But I've been asked by people even younger than that. If you find the right person then it does not really matter how old They are though. '
Michelle Mone reveals her ideal
A man offered to Michelle Mone the amount of USD 85,658.00 for dining out. Michelle Mone rejected the offer by saying that 'not for sale'.

She said: 'I would probably pay £ 50,000 to go for dinner with Bill Clinton. He's my dream man. I think he's an incredible, incredible guy. He's really, really good. I'm not sure he's a fan of blondes though.

'Tony Blair would be my second choice. Bill is definitely first but Tony is second. It's just a coincidence That They are both in politics. They are both married men though so that's the end of that I'm afraid.

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