Rihanna leaves hotel with Brazil flag painted on neck

Rihanna left the hotel where she is staying in Copacabana, Rio's Zona Sul, the way the Maracana to watch the final of the FIFA World Cup 2014. Showing affection to Brazil, the singer painted the flag of the country in his neck. Then Gerard Butler and Alice Braga also left the scene towards the stadium.

Chequea el video 'Can't Remember to Forget You'

Brazil flag painted
Earlier, Rihanna met journalists at the same hotel. Despite having enjoyed the evening at a party, the singer proved willing and smiling this morning. She exhibited the nose piercing that exhibited for the first time on Aug. 9. She has not publicly commented that the prop is just pressure or whether they actually pierced his nose again.

And on Saturday, 12 at night, the singer had fun with friends on the beach da Urca, the South Zone of Rio Rihanna was so comfortable and happy that ignored the cold it was in town and came in bikini in the sea.Dont forget to comment Hsm Loves it.