Selena Gomez Romantic Message To Justin Bieber

In the midst of rumors of a possible reconciliation with Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez posted a picture on her Instagram exchanging a romantic message on a cellular. The contents of the text read: "I just wanna hold you and remind you how special you are." In the photo caption, the singer continued: "This is the person you want to be together, I promise."

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The two did not officially confirmed the return of romance, but everything indicates that they are really together. Recently, the couple was spotted going to the cinema in Beverly Hills in Los Angeles. On record in photo and video, made ​​by fans, they appear out of the film session, side by side, hugging Justin and Selena just to leave.
Selena Gomez Romantic Message
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In June, Justin was also spotted driving  Selena,s car. The two were in a studio in Los Angeles in the United States. The couple, who have lived a yo-yo relationship since 2010, spent the last few days together, toured and celebrated the birthday of a friend in Los Angeles on Monday, 16.Dont forget to leave a comment hsm loves it.