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Thieves Tied women at home and steal the car

Puertorico News-On July 4, many people enjoy a day of relaxation from work and go to the beaches to enjoy a good suntan or dip in the warm waters of the Caribbean.

But what a surprise for 2 women who were perpetrated for Two gunmen early Saturday in a home robbery at a "town house" located on the grounds of Playa Dorada condo in Isla Verde.
Thieves Tied women at home and steal the car
According to the report of the new Carolina area police, two men gained access to the property in a terrace and tied up two women , while robbed two televisions, a DVD, a laptop, credit cards, passport and a cell phone.

Thieves a took a  Toyota Rav4 to leave.

The case was referred to the division Theft Carolina,Puerto Rico.Dont forget to leave a comment.