Kim Kardashian slims down four pounds in 20 days

How Kim Kardashian slims down four pounds in 20 days

As always, Kim Kardashian is concerned to maintain good shape. The socialite managed to lose four pounds in 20 days. In a conversation with! "E News", Kim talked about the diet: "Yes, I lost weight I lost about four pounds when tuitei about it (needed to lose weight), was the beginning of that day I started the diet I started eating low-carb.... . I feel good, I am the way I want to be. "

Kardashian showed leaner body on the red carpet VMA 2014, on the night of Sunday, 24.

In early August, the socialite said on Twitter that wanted to lose weight.

"Can not seem to eliminate those last few pounds I gained from pregnancy. No more excuses, my baby already has a year! Will not say it's the baby weight because it's an excuse. I only gained weight, is this, and is much more difficult to lose after the baby is born! "she said. Gotta get back to my weight a few years ago. I will not complain anymore. Starting diet today! Carb free. Crazy exercises. Who's with me? (...) Wish me luck in the diet. It is soooo hard for me! "She declared at the time.

Here the before and after weight lost of Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian slims down